Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lake "Cabin-Ahhhh" (Cavanaugh!)

We got back from Lake Cavanaugh last week, and all I can think about is GET ME BACK THERE! It was such Beautiful weather and Perfect company! (Some Dittos and some Picketts) Not to mention that it is my favorite place on earth! So, Beam me up Scotty...send me back to Lake Cavanaugh!

Here is my amazing husband attempting something brand-new! He and the wind-surfer had some initial struggles together, but soon they were a happy couple, battling the waves together!

Miss Laynie stayed outside all day, everyday (a mother's dream come true!) She was happy in the sand, or the lake, or the hot tub, or wherever!

And that's a "ditto" for Addison, I only saw him when he was hungry and at bed time!

Hailey delighted everyone with her cuteness made even cuter in her swim suit! She has started taking steps and is getting a little more brave every day!

Kelly and an intense game of Koob...

Addison and his "best cousin" Nate.

I think this picture was taken only minutes before bed time- the kids were in the water from 7:30am-8pm!

Watch out boys- here I come!

Nice form Kelly!!
Thanks to Grandma Lucy and Papa Bob for letting us come stay every year- we just couldn't love it any more!! It is a perfect place to relax and strengthen family relationships; not to mention finish a whole book in just a couple days, laugh harder than you've laughed all year whole watching cheesy family videos, and eat de-lish food prepared by the amazing women I know! It was a WONDERFUL weekend!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

This little face is sure proud to be an American!

And this Abercrombie and Fitch model also LOVES living in the USA!!

We had a fabulous Independence Day with our friends the D'Hulsts and about 20 other families! We played Koob (this is the awesome set that Kelly made!)

And we did lots of sliding down the blow-up-rent-a-slide!

Laynie was brave and went with me...

Addy went down about a thousand times, this time with Daddy!

Even the mommies went down all together!

We ate lots of cotton candy...

Lots and lots of cotton candy...

And we pondered on how great it is to live in America!! We Love our great country!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Surviving the Seven Year Itch!!

Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband! It has been a wonderful 7 seven years!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Playing catch-up...

SHEESH! this will be a marathon blog, since it's been too long! So much has happened in just a few short weeks of summer! We have been busy and happy!

Addison was done with Kindergarten on the 17th. Looking at these pictures today he told me he felt sad. I thought that was a good sign that he really loved school. He loved his teacher, Mr. Trimble- and in this picture with him is Gwen -yes, she really is a whole head taller than him. We walked home with Gwen and her grandma almost every day and they became good friends!

The day school ended Addison was signed up for a free basketball camp. It was really a Vacation Bible School with some basketball added in. They rocked out to some kids Christian-rock and learned about team-work and good sportsmanship. He went with two of his friends from church and they all had a great time!

Miss Hailey has made some big advances lately! She can stand up all by herself and will take some steps if coaxed! She knows she is adorable and can pretty much get whatever she wants. She likes to say "UH-OH!" very dramatically and she has started to say "WOW!" WE LOVE HER!

The other wonderful thing that happened on Addison's last day of school is AUNT MIMI visiting!! The kids were in HEAVEN having her here and so was I! I feel so lucky to have such a good friendship with my seester!

Mary helped be try to be Martha Stewart and make 'bootie' cakes for a baby shower...

She did a lot of snuggling with the kiddos...

We went strawberry picking and made some YUMMY strawberry jam!

We visited River Front Park and the HUGE wagon...

and we went to the falls-

Thanks for coming Mimi!! We love you so much!!

This past weekend we had MORE visitors! Addison's "best" cousin Nate and the rest of the Yakima Dittos came up for the weekend! So, we filled it up with swimming, mini golf, good food, and a trip to Moses Lake's water park.

The kids LOVED the water park and have asked me several times today when we are going back.

Hailey could not get enough of the water! she loved the baby octopus slide and would have stayed there all day long if her mom had the energy!!

Thanks for a FUN day Yakimaniacs! Let's do it again!