Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tired Much?
 Did you know that Hailey, more than any of our other children, has been able to fall asleep pretty much anywhere?  Mostly it's at the dinner table...there was a streak about a year ago when she would fall asleep eating at least every other night!
This time though, it was the stairs...oh to be 3 again...

Weekend highlights: Snowboarding (for Kelly)
Friday night temple session
Moneyball (Kelly loved it, I thought it was good)
Saturday morning Organize-the-Laundry-Room-extravaganza
Met the new neighbors...
Movie Night with Blayre and Ryan- Real Steel (I don't really care what the movie is about if Hugh Jackman is in it!)
Sunday morning church...Sunday afternoon nap!

How was your weekend?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello January!
I know that it has been January for over 3 weeks already, obviously I'm not quite on the ball with reflecting that change in my's to a new year and doing a better job keeping up on my blog!

Last week it snowed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!  The kids L.O.V.E.D. it!!  and you can only imagine the joy when I told them on Friday school was cancelled- Addison and Laynie cheered...and Hailey cried.  She only goes to school 2 days a week, so when it's NOT her day to go she is so sad...that sadness was multiplied of course on a day she was supposed to go, but couldn't! Poor Hailey.

 Here is a picture from the morning of the snow day, all the kids snuggled under a blanket and Addison was reading to them...holy cow, it was so cute.  Mothering has some great moments...

 For some reason I love this's so sad but so cute at the same time!  Maren has had a little bit of a rough go.  She now has 4 teeth!! and her first only poked through about 6 weeks ago, so 4 teeth in 6 weeks is no fun (I'm assuming).  But, she has learned how to scoot all around and pick up any little gross thing off the floor and eat it! so life isn't all bad for her!

This is how I spent my time on the snow day!  Thanks for all the great ideas Pinterest!!! I just love copying other people's cute ideas and getting compliments on them :)

Other highlights from January include Addison and Laynie starting piano lessons, hearing Elder Holland speak at our stake conference, and making homemade bread 3 weeks in a row! (with freshly ground wheat, might I add...thank you Blendtec!!)
Kelly is out of town this week and I miss him!  I have been especially grateful for our marriage lately, and not only because he's taking me on a 7-day cruise in 6 weeks...but also because he's seriously amazing.

What? did I say amazing? yeah, I'd say this beach  falls under that category...6.more.weeks.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Eve Traditions
  We love Santa Pancakes!!

 And here's our Christmas eve dinner!
Okay, we didn't JUST eat treats...well the kids might have..
 There was so much deliciousness!
 Even Italian Sodas!!
 And of course the nativity play...Aunt Julia playing the "pregnant Mary" (cause she didn't have to play the 'pregnant' part...
 And here's "Mary"  "Joseph" and "Baby Jesus" you didn't know that baby Jesus had a binki!
 The traditional 'We Wish you a Merry Christmas' pyramid!
 ...and of course the new jammies!
Even new jammies for Mom and Dad (picture courtesy of Laynie!)

Gingerbread extravaganza!
 Perhaps trying to continue to Pickett tradition, we hosted a Ditto Family Gingerbread Party...and Party we did!  How can you not with that much candy overflowing in every direction?!
 It may sound like fun, but it's a very serious you can see by the facial expressions.

 Okay, not everyone had serious facial expressions...

 ...especially not Logan!
 The gingerbread village!
 Laynie was super proud of her house- (it was pretty awesome...even better than some of the adults!)
The whole group! 
Thanks for a super fun night Dittos!

I love it.
in case it's too hard too read, it says: From Alayna To Santa
Ding Santa, I Wo a play wmputur fur Kismos how do the elus make the tals

(translation) From Alanya, To Santa-
dear Santa, I want a play computer for Christmas. How do the elves make the toys?