Monday, January 31, 2011

Something's Missing

Chalk it up as another miracle in the Ditto house...along with Hailey learning to use the potty, Addison finally lost his first tooth!!! Yes folks, it seems a little late, but I guess it's a hereditary thing in the Ditto family to lose teeth a little least that's what my SIL Sara tells me, so I'll run with it.

It happened DURING church while sitting in the pew...there was a little blood on his suit jacket, but it came right off thanks to the wipes I had on hand. This is one HAPPY little boy!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Speaking of Accidents...
Hailey has been accident free for like 3 days!!!

And just when I was thinking it was time to give up for a george, I THINK SHE"S GOT IT! (knock on wood) On Saturday we went swimming at the YMCA and Hailey told me TWICE that she had to go...AND SHE DID! It feels like a miracle folks.

NO MORE DIAPERS!!!...well, until June that is :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

The newest member of our family...
Here it is, the "new" to us at least! It is a 2005 Honda odyssey and we plan on driving it for like the next 20 years or so...NO MORE ACCIDENTS! and no car problems until we reach at least 350,000 miles :)
The kids think it's pretty cool that we got a new car...good thing they're not looking for anything special- cause this van would probably NOT have it, what it DID have was low miles, the Honda engine, and the right price!! (After I negotiated that is!)
And in more exciting news, we ARE actually welcoming a new member to our family that is not a car...June 4th (or so) We will need all but one of those seats in our new van! The ultrasound tech knew that Kelly was looking for a boy in there, but he had to disappoint Kelly...he found a little girl! Kelly really wasn't that disappointed, it was Addison who cried when I told him, he really wanted a brother!! But we are all so excited for our new little baby to join our family!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just a few more...

Come on, you KNOW i have to post a family picture where EVERYONE is smiling! it just doesn't happen!! and look at this...2 of them!! Maybe we're turning a corner here folks...

Hailey's smile probably wins the smile contest...

Laynie LOVIN baby Zoey!!

and again...

Jammie picture! Christmas Eve new jammies...Clay is super happy to be taking this picture.

Aprons for all the sisters made by the uber-talented Emily! Thanks Em!!!
Kelly's favorite present, the football signed by the BYU football team! It's so fun to have connections! Thanks Mary!!!

Yeah, he liked it.

BYU cupcakes I made for Casey and Katalyn's 'Graduation Party'...Congrats guys!!

Hiking Discovery Park on our day of my hat? I think Hailey was pulling on it...

A gorgeous day!!!

We love Family!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pickett Style Christmas...
After the accident incident, the nice insurance company gave us a rental minivan to drive while we waited to see if ours would be totaled or not (it was; more on that later!) So, we drove the rental van all the way to Seattle for a Christmas filled with new and old traditions.
Old tradition for sure- the Famous "Stair" picture! The kids didn't wake up until 7:30am!! That still seemed a little early for some of the elves who stayed up late preparing.

Addison was concerned about where to hang our stockings, but after checking out Nana and Papa's house, he found a spot.

Old tradition- ginger bread houses! Addison ate just as much candy as he put on his house.

Laynie worked hard on her marshmallow-y house...

And Hailey bossed me around to the perfection of our house :)

As always, Kelly was intense about his gingerbread...perfect patterns and creativity- love it!

Newer tradition- Santa Pancakes!! Christmas Eve morning is time for Santa pancakes, we started this tradition as a Ditto family last year, and introduced it to all the Picketts this year!! So Yummy!!

After Santa Pancakes, we went to...the Zoo! Who doesn't go to the zoo on Christmas Eve morning? It rained the whole time, but it was fantastic! The animals were active and fun to watch, and the kids were lovin it!

Laynie and Ella LOVE being together-

and Addison loves being silly.

But really the 'silly award' goes to Hailey.

New pajamas on Christmas adorable! Thanks Mrs. Claus!!

Christmas Morning!! The cute hat that Addison is wearing is also an old Pickett tradition...we always have to be wearing 'the hat' the open a present- this year Becca made our hat: Adorable!

Addison and Nana at the Science center...just one of the many 'activities' that Nana and Papa planned, mostly to appease Kelly :) He likes to have a plan and be going going going! The Science Center hosted the Harry Potter exhibit which was pretty awesome, at least for the family members that have read Harry Potter!- Addison loved it!

And he also loved being with his cousin Clay- here they are in their first moments, playing "Spies."

Laynie also loved her Christmastime. Here she is trying out her new Chinese jump rope that come in her stocking. I'll admit that I had to look it up on you tube to remind myself how we used to do this in elementary school...

Laynie also L.O.V.E.D. spending time with new baby Zoey...I love this picture with all the little girls mauling her :) This was a pretty typical scene when Zoey was not sleeping- and I LOVE Zoey's expression- like she is saying HELP ME!!

Laynie and Ella in their dress-ups...

This was Hailey's uniform over the Christmas holiday- for some reason she LOVES her swimsuit and wants to wear it ALL the time...because some battles just aren't worth fighting, we let her wear her butterfly bathing suit like everyday-

Okay, so it was either her butterfly bathing suit OR a princess dress-up... here is Hailey with Papa Bob, who she has wrapped around her little finger!

And with Grandma Lucy... my kids LOVE their Papa Bob and Grandma Lucy, and I am so happy we live close enough to see them regularly!!

One of the last days in Seattle, the adults went to the temple together- we had to brave the snowy roads, but it was worth it to be in the temple with the fam!

Goofy Kelly :) I LOVE HIM!!

The last night together, we went bowling!!

Seriously, how cute is Laynie in her bowling shoes?

I helped Hailey a little bit...

And Kelly got the 'high score' for the night...which was cut short by faulty equipment, but we don't have to point out that everyone only played 4 or 5 frames :)
Thanks Picketts for an AWESOME Christmas time! We loved every minute! and we love you ALL!