Monday, January 31, 2011

Something's Missing

Chalk it up as another miracle in the Ditto house...along with Hailey learning to use the potty, Addison finally lost his first tooth!!! Yes folks, it seems a little late, but I guess it's a hereditary thing in the Ditto family to lose teeth a little least that's what my SIL Sara tells me, so I'll run with it.

It happened DURING church while sitting in the pew...there was a little blood on his suit jacket, but it came right off thanks to the wipes I had on hand. This is one HAPPY little boy!!

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Ditto Family said...

Totally normal : ) Nate is going to be quite jealous. I think he still have another year wait for him. Alysee's top front tooth is just hanging there. She's embarrassed to pull it out because she finally lost another tooth on the bottom and has another one that is wiggly.