Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Day!!
 YAY for school!!  Everyone was excited- but especially mom :)
 Addison started 3rd grade and for the first time ever has a woman for a teacher.  When we read the teacher lists, he was nervous and didn't think he would like a "girl teacher"- but after his first day, he LOVES her! and he told me he wants a girl teacher next year too.

Laynie is in kindergarten, and at our school, it's ALL DAY! Laynie loves it, but it does wear her out. She is excited to learn and loves her teacher!

Hailey also started 2-day preschool, unfortunately Daddy had the camera on his brother's weekend on her first day!  But she's LOVIN school too!

We L.O.V.E. Lake Cavanaugh!! 

 The kids and I were SO LUCKY this year to spend 2 full weeks at Lake Cavanaugh! The first week with the Pickett family and the second with the Dittos. Kelly joined us each of the 2 weekends! We had BEAUTIFUL weather and AMAZING company!
 BIG NEWS! Addison water skied!! for the first time!! He was AWESOME!
 Laynie loved the sun, went tubing, and spent most of her time in the hot tub.
 Hailey also LOVED the hot tub and playing on the beach
 We went hiking...
 And OF COURSE we watched daddy do a lot of this!

See you next year Lake C- WE LOVE YOU!

Blessings on you!

Our sweet Maren was blessed by her Daddy on August 14th- She was perfect and her blessing was beautiful!
Of course her Papa had to do a photo shoot before the whole affair...isn't she beautiful?!?
okay Papa, I think I've had enough pictures...
Some highlights from Maren's blessing were recorded by her nana:
Beautiful welcome member of the family
Strong spirit
Strong, mind and body grow and function as they should
Beacon to those around you
Burning testimony
Sweet and calm presence
Kind heart and watchful eye
Vigilant in obeying commandments
Example to siblings and all members of the family of righteous living
Do things in the right order
Marry in temple
Serve faithfully in in  the church
Have a family of your own
Shine as the light of Christ shines and have a heart to love those around you
The family...
Papa and Maren's uncles

Proud Parents- WE LOVE YOU MAREN!
Daddy and Maren have a heart-to-heart (or a head-to-head)
And one last picture of the girls in their "cowboy girl" boots- SO CUTE!

Addison's Big Day!

On August 13th, Addison was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!  We are so proud of you Addison and all of the good choices you have made in your life!!

Kelly baptized Addison, sisters and cousins sang, and TONS of family and friends were there!! It was a GREAT DAY!
Addison and his cousins...
After the baptism, in true Ditto style...WE PARTIED!!
Even cuter baby!!
We love you sweet Addison!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Great to be 8! (and 33)

Super great when you get to light your own candles!!  Happy Birthday to Addison!  We're blown away that you are 8 already!!

Thanks for the Dairy Queen ice cream cake babe!  I LOVE THEM!!!
and I L.O.V.E my present!!  The IKEA buffet I have been eyeing! I'm so spoiled!!
So cute right??  Come visit us and you can see it in person :)