Thursday, September 22, 2011

We L.O.V.E. Lake Cavanaugh!! 

 The kids and I were SO LUCKY this year to spend 2 full weeks at Lake Cavanaugh! The first week with the Pickett family and the second with the Dittos. Kelly joined us each of the 2 weekends! We had BEAUTIFUL weather and AMAZING company!
 BIG NEWS! Addison water skied!! for the first time!! He was AWESOME!
 Laynie loved the sun, went tubing, and spent most of her time in the hot tub.
 Hailey also LOVED the hot tub and playing on the beach
 We went hiking...
 And OF COURSE we watched daddy do a lot of this!

See you next year Lake C- WE LOVE YOU!

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Rodger said...

Best picture of a kid waterskiing I've ever seen! Nice. Of course the one of Kelly is probably photoshopped.