Wednesday, April 28, 2010

True Love!

Congratulations Blayre and Ryan!

Kelly's little sister is engaged! It was quite a dramatic proposal, and we all got to witness it! Ryan invited us all to the "Shock" game (Spokane's indoor football team) and during the 'Tracy Jeweler' ad, he popped the quesion! Check it out for yourself on youtube:

you tube video: Blayre and Ryan get engaged

Sorry this picture is so blurry! We were using the Flip, and it doesn't have a flash! :(

I have had more fun planning with Blayre than I had planing my own wedding! and check out these skirts that the little nieces will be wearing!


It will be a little sea of chiffon and it will be adorable! Watch out for tons of pictures around the middle of June!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hailey Jean

Hailey, you are almost 2 years old, and you are amazingly cute. We love you too much- and here are some reasons why...

You are SOOO SILLY! You make us laugh every day. The first thing you say every morning is "I want weckwest (breakfast). You can sing the whole 'Super WHY' theme song. You sing all day long. You ask for the COWS song every time we get in the car. Your favorite time of day is when Daddy gets run to his arms every day. You give great kisses. You HAVE to pick your jammies. You make us so happy! WE LOVE YOU!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


The weather has been BEAUTIFUL and finally warm enough to wear the C.U.T.E. dresses Nana sent! Happy Springtime!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blog Slackin....

Yes I am aware that I am a big blog-slacker...I've had to apologize to my mom a few times already! So, lets get back on track! Sheesh!


This is the first picture of ALL the Dittos taken in a long time because Andrew (Kelly's youngest brother, better known as "uncle Juje") has been on a mission for our church for the last 2 years...but HE'S HOME! and we are so happy to have him home!!

Here are Kelly's siblings and beautiful mother...don't they look great together!!?

The weekend after Juje got home, we were ALL together...the girl cousins love to be together and make up plays, sing songs, and be generally girly-

The boys love to wrestle, find anything to turn into a weapon, and be amazingly boy-ish they are modeling the masks that uncle Juje brought them all from Mexico!

Not long after our exciting weekend in Spokane, we had spring break...and since nothing was planned, the kids and I decided to take a little trip to YAKIMA! Hey, don't make fun, the kids were so excited to go to Yakima, you'd have thought we were going to Disneyland- and we had a great time...doesn't Hailey LOOK like she's enjoying herself? :)

And the boys really did have a great time making up games on the trampoline and almost breaking several bones...

The weekend after that was Easter, and though it was COLD, the kids still had a great time at the Easter egg hunt on Saturday.
We spent Easter with the Ditto Family, watching conference, and eating delicious food, and most importantly feeling grateful for the Savior and His life and death.
Lastly, Kelly and I have been contemplating moving. We even made a blog to post to 'advertise' our house. We need a little more room in a little safer if you know anyone looking to move to Spokane, we have a CUTE house for sale! Check it out: