Friday, June 29, 2012

Woodland Park Zoo!!
Papa is taking a picture of me...
 ...taking a picture of them!
 Active animals are especially fun!! and make for happy kids!

 Making their best wolf faces in the wolves den!
 Maren loved the zoo too!!

 ...the peacock was pretty amazing.

Sitting on 'flamingo eggs'!
What a fun day!!  Thanks Papa!!

Happy Father's Day!!
(Coincidently this is the day before Father's day, but the picture is appropriate since Kelly got a new bike!!)
We LOVE our daddy!!

Last day of School!
 Kindergarten graduation...
 Thanks to Mrs. Castro for being a FABULOUS techer!!
And to Mrs. McIntyre!!  We REALLY appreciate all your hard work!!
This was a fun teacher gift...thank you pinteret for the idea...I bought all sorts of mints and then included a note that said:

Happy Birthday Maren!!
Our baby is one! I can't believe it's been a whole year since she was born!
 We had all available Dittos over for dinner and cake to celebrate!

I think Maren liked her cake!!
Turing one has brought on some new milestones- WALKING!! she can push herself from a crawl into a stand and take off!  She's still wobbly, but loves to feel like she's keeping up with the big kids!  She will tell you what a puppy, monkey, and cow says, and she will say 'oww' when she falls.  Maren is such a wonderful part of our family! We adore her! 

 The iPhone incident...
While lounging in bed Saturday morning, Maren grabbed my iphone from the night stand and whacked Hailey's eye with it.  The eye didn't look too bad until that evening when she couldn't really even open it anymore. Poor Hailey!  She was a good sport about it though, as proven by her bright smile!  We found a patch in the costume box that we thought would help her remember not to rub it- she didn't want to put it on because it was too "boyish", so I found a flower sticker and the problem was solved!

Memorial Day! 

Started early with one huge family snuggle-

 Then some early morning wagon rides...

And some matchy-matchy!
But actually we worked on projects most of the day, including these desks for the kids.  they LOVE them and have already played school a thousand times!

Summer's Here!!
 Hallelujah!  we can get out of the house and head to the park!

 And explore a whole new 'summer wardrobe'!

 And Plant a garden!!

 And of course head to the lilac parade...
 With good friends...

 and glow sticks!!
We can't wait for more summer!!!