Friday, February 25, 2011

It's still Winter...

After a crazy BLUSTERY storm on Wednesday night, we woke up to A FOOT of new snow on Thursday morning...and I heard the cries of joy as Addison discovered it was a snow day! The first snow day of the year!

I still made them do chores, and then some friends came over for a play date, so we didn't go too stir-crazy...but I was so happy (and a little shocked) when Addison and Laynie played outside on the "the hill" together for over an hour! They hiked all the way to the top (that's why my picture is from so far away...and this is WITH the zoom lens...) and explored, etc. Today it's all Laynie can talk about and she can't wait until Addison gets home so they can hike the hill again!

In other news, we have started working on the basement (maybe I should clarify that by "we" I mean Steve, my next door neighbor!) The sounds of sawing and drilling coming from the basement have been music to my ears!! can't wait to have a place the send the kids to play!
Also, my pregnancy "app" says I have 100 days of pregnancy left- wow, that sure seems like a lot- BUT, I only have 10 days left until we leave for Mexico!! That number it much nicer :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

What's in my head?

My head has been full of thoughts this week, thoughts and snot (did I just say that?!)- it has been a sick-y week for me...cough, sore throat, gross nose, and then the sinus infection hit- bah! Did you know that my only other sinus infection in my life was when I was PREGNANT with Hailey! Shouldn't there be a rule that pregnant women are NOT allow to be sick with sickness unrelated to pregnancy?!? So, after a full day of feeling like I had been punched in the jaw- I saw the doc and got some antibiotics- hallelujah for drugs is all I can say...I'm on the up and up folks.

Maybe I feel compelled to write this record of my week because of my newest client who promptly reported that upon learning who her therapist would be, she googled me...of course google found this very blog and after perusing through she wondered how a person "with a perfect life and perfect husband" (her words people!) could possibly counsel her! Wow, I realized I do a great job writing about the positive points of my life! (although it should be noted that Kelly was not shocked at all to learn someone thought he was perfect...)

Not to state the obvious or anything, but unfortunately my life is not perfect. I yelled at my kids a few time this week about really important things like cleaning their rooms, setting the table, etc. and then I cried for feeling like such a crummy mom; I layed on the bed and closed my eyes for at least a half an hour while the girls "read books" next to me...which turned into jumping on the bed and ended that 'nap;' I let Kelly fold the clothes all by himself Monday night while I wallowed in the depths of my sickness despair...nope, my life is not perfect- B.U.T. - I really do love it.

This same client who googled me has posed some incredible questions that have really got me thinking this can a woman yell at her children and then go teach Sunday school? (um, that one was directed right at me I'm sure!) How come we can "do everything we're supposed to be doing" and still feel like something is missing? and the one that has made me ponder most of all: How do we use the Atonement of Jesus Christ to better our self esteem? I have had some deep and productive thoughts thanks to her this week, and although I don't have all the answers, I have realized (again) that the most important thing in life is our relationships. Our relationship with Heavenly Father, with our families, with our friends... go make your relationships better!


I promised Sara some tummy shots, so here you go! I am 25 weeks today...feels like forever til' she's here!! She's super active and I seriously love every time I can feel her move.

P.S. You'll notice my too-small BYU apparel...well we're all a little star-truck with Jimmer at our house- Addison asked me yesterday if Jimmer is better than Michael Jordan! and the kids love watching the video on youtube "Teach me How to Jimmer" if you haven't seen's pretty fun...if you even know what I'm talking about!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!

We celebrated our "LOVE" for all the Dittos with dinner at our house Sunday night...

Thanks to Julia for this beauty heart-shaped-3-layer-cake!! Seriously, is she a Martha Stewart or what?

Here are my less impressive conversation-heart-cupcakes...

And this morning was nothing but the best, heart-shaped pancakes and pink smoothie!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Tickets Please!

This past week has been fun for the Ditto family...we bought a 'deal' from last Friday- 4 movie tickets, a bottomless popcorn, and 2 large drinks for $12!! We took the whole family to Megamind- and it was a hit! The kids loved it and Kelly and I thought it was hilarious too!

Then on Saturday morning our friends called to say they had 2 extra tickets to a Gonzaga basketball game! It had been a long time since Kelly or I had been to a live a game and it was so exciting! Gonzaga had an awesome student section, and they ALMOST won...but not quite.

Tonight Kelly and I get to go to Legally Blonde the musical!!!!! Notice all my exclamation marks...Kelly wouldn't have put any behind that statement- he is not super excited. But I am!! AND, the tickets were free!! Thank you to the parents of the Sheffields who are in Hawaii- we get their tickets!! I'll let you all know my review :)