Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Latest...

...family picture! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4th of July!

I LOVE THIS DAY!!  We did some projects, went swimming, had a BBQ, and watched fireworks downtown! Happy Birthday America!!

Hailey is all smiles when she's holding a cupcake! 

 Oh yeah, the day also included picking cherries...from the neighbor's tree. But, since we haven't seen the neighbor of the abandon house for over a month, when he was here for a few minutes to mow the lawn...I don't feel that bad about it :)
 Couldn't find a bowl? I guess a backpack works too...
 Thanks for bringing sparklers Grannie!! Fireworks are illegal in Spokane, but we are assuming Sparklers are okay!
 Hailey LOVED it!
 And then it was over- such a sad face!
Watched a few fireworks right from our front porch thanks to the Spokane Indians!!
Happy 4th!!

Kelly's "Basement Shower"

Shortly after the basement was complete, Kelly wanted to have a "grand opening" party- just like the Academy awards...well, I guess it wasn't just like that- there were no celebrities, fancy outfits, or limos...but there WAS a gift bag! and good times had by all.  Because Kelly  (and his lovely assistant) put so much effort into the decor, gifts, refreshment, etc.  Julia fittingly named the evening "Kelly's basement shower."

Welcome to our new basement!  It is our new favorite part of our house!  Nice and cool, comfy couches, the toys STAY downstairs, AND we have "mood lighting!"  What more could we ask for?!?

 Kelly's movie posters (the movies that he has made that is) adorn the walls...
 The sofa, love seat, big-chair combo that we ordered, turned into 2 love seats and a big-chair combo when the sofa would not fit down the basement stairs...it's perfect though, I don't think the sofa would've fit in the room even if it had fit down the stairs!
 From this angle you can make out the 'play room' where (so far) all of the toys in our house have stayed since being moved there!! I'm so happy I could cry.
 Just in case you forget where you are, you're in the "Ditto Film Theater...HD"

The Goodie bags...
Hershey Kisses- "Good for romantic movies"
Tissue- "Good for sad movies"
Water gun- "Good for action films"
Glow sticks- "Good for scary movies"
Laffy Taffy- "Good for funny movies"
Come see it for yourself!  We'll treat you right :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

1 Month of Baby Love...

Our little Maren is 1 month already!! She is still the favorite thing about our summer so far- by far the most exciting 'attraction'...especially for her sisters!!  She is an extremely mellow baby and sleeps like a champ! We Love her and are SO glad she is part of our family! (and I'm especially glad not to be pregnant anymore, now that it is 90degrees outside!!)

Mimi Visits!
Mary came to visit at the end of June! WE LOVE HER!!  Thanks for the great times Mimi...not the least of which involved making tie-dye shirts for the whole family! (and then taking some WILD pictures!)

Tie-Dye in progress...WAY less messy than I remember it!

We are a tie-dye family!