Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kelly's "Basement Shower"

Shortly after the basement was complete, Kelly wanted to have a "grand opening" party- just like the Academy awards...well, I guess it wasn't just like that- there were no celebrities, fancy outfits, or limos...but there WAS a gift bag! and good times had by all.  Because Kelly  (and his lovely assistant) put so much effort into the decor, gifts, refreshment, etc.  Julia fittingly named the evening "Kelly's basement shower."

Welcome to our new basement!  It is our new favorite part of our house!  Nice and cool, comfy couches, the toys STAY downstairs, AND we have "mood lighting!"  What more could we ask for?!?

 Kelly's movie posters (the movies that he has made that is) adorn the walls...
 The sofa, love seat, big-chair combo that we ordered, turned into 2 love seats and a big-chair combo when the sofa would not fit down the basement's perfect though, I don't think the sofa would've fit in the room even if it had fit down the stairs!
 From this angle you can make out the 'play room' where (so far) all of the toys in our house have stayed since being moved there!! I'm so happy I could cry.
 Just in case you forget where you are, you're in the "Ditto Film Theater...HD"

The Goodie bags...
Hershey Kisses- "Good for romantic movies"
Tissue- "Good for sad movies"
Water gun- "Good for action films"
Glow sticks- "Good for scary movies"
Laffy Taffy- "Good for funny movies"
Come see it for yourself!  We'll treat you right :)


N. Tipps said...

This is so awesome...I wish we lived close enough to see it in person.

Ditto Family said...

Oh my goodness...this is all so amazing!!! I can't wait for movie night at your house.

Life At 50 Wold Road said...

Your basement is so nice, crisp, clean and so fun! You have such talent Annie! Looks great.

A big family nesting area. They are the best places. Home is where the heart is.



paws said...

Spectacular! I'm so impressed.

emily a. said...

it looks fantastic!

Rodger said...

How fun. Love the basement. Now, let's finish the bathroom for a perfect "parent hang out." Love. Dad