Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Here is our attempt to get the kids' pictures in their Christmas least they were having fun!!
Addison was SO happy to see his aunt Mimi back from college! He smothered her with hugs and kisses!

Laynie didn't take a nap...when I tried to put her down she told me over and over "I happy!"-- I guess from the picture it is evident that she was pretty happy...she did have an early bedtime though!

I love the look on their faces!!! They are 'reading' Polar Express, and Loving it!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Teriffic Twos!

Happy Birthday Laynie!!
Our little Laynie turned 2 today...Kelly and I can't believe she is already 2! We had a little family party for her where she got a "new" doll house (gotta love hand-me-downs from other little girls in the ward!), a princess outfit, and a Hello-Kitty CD player that she was immediately obsessed with! After all, it is PINK! (Thanks Nana!)
We Love You Laynie and are so happy you are part of our family! Happy Birthday to you!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Here it is, the first picture of the newest addition to the Ditto family! We are proud to announce that at the end of April (or beginning of May) we will be a family of five! Everything looked good at the ultrasound today, although we had to promise the technician that we wouldn't sue her so that she would tell us what we were having! So, what's your guess? Boy or Girl? Well, let's just say Kelly is very afraid about being totally out numbered and having 3 girls to boss him around! I am excited for Laynie to have a little sister...I can already hear their fights over the truly important things like sharing clothes, bathroom time, etc. But, I'm sure they'll be more mature that I was with my sisiter! Name suggestions would be helpful-- I was sure this one was a boy, and I have a boy's name I love, but no ideas yet for a girl's name!

Santa Clause is coming!

What? November is over? When did that happen? Oh well, let the Christmas Craziness begin! We got our tree last week and I am pleased to say it's the nicest tree we've ever had! (Of course, it didn't cost $5 like last year's tree). As we were decorating it Addison said to me "Mom, I just love this time of year." It was so tender! I tried to say "me too" without getting so choaked up that I couldn't talk. That's what pregnancy does to me...I even got choaked up in the car the other day singing 'Let it Snow'...??
We took the kids to see Santa last weekend too. Addison was eager to tell him that he wants 'Gordon' for his Thomas Train set, and Laynie was into looking pretty as she got her picture taken!
I really do love this season, we have had Christmas music playing constantly (I entered some Christmas songs on Pandora, and walla- a new Pandora station!) It is so easy to always think of the Savior and the miracles of this life! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bowl Baby!

For the 30th birthday of a good friend (all my friends are turning 30!!) We went to a bowling alley to party! It was a super fun afternoon! Happy Birthday Jaime!

This is how Laynie spent most of her time at the bowling alley... playing mommy and being tremendously silly. She sure is obssessed with babies!

Addison did an excellent job bowling for his first time ever! Although the 'bumpers' helped a lot...who am I kidding? They helped ME a lot!

Smells like Curry!

Addison has been addicted to the movie 'Ratatouille' and more and more wants to "cook." He usually pulls out a tupperware bowl and a wooden spoon and stirs around anything he can find... ripped up pieces of paper, washclothes, or whatever will fit into his bowl. One day last week he must have yearned for a more exotic experience, and found some curry powder in the pantry. I, unfortunately, did not discover the curry powder until later when it was spread all over the bathroom counter and sink. Thank goodness for Clorox Clean-up, or I would have a flourescent yellow bathroom counter! Later that day I could still smell curry, but I told myself it must just be lingering in my nose-- then I saw the smallish pile of curry powder on the carpet in the living room. I reluctantly pulled out the vacuum, having the feeling that if I used the vacuum to clean up the curry now, it would smell like curry every time I turn on the vacuum after this...I was right. It's like a trip to India when we vacuum now...a very cultural experience.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

How I feel about tags...

I've been tagged by Amber and several others...and I have to admit that I initially thought I would never do a tag...I'm not sure why, I always like reading what others write...I guess I thought they are a little cheesy. But, upon further contemplation, I realized that this little blog is supposed to be my journal, therefore tags are a very appropriate way to record my history/thoughts/interesting facts/ whatever that tag is about! So, I consent, I will post may answers to the tags I've might take me a while though!

4 Jobs I've had
1. Waitress
2. Morning muffin maker at BYU's MOA
3. EFY Counselor
4. Therapist for convicted sex offenders

4 Places I have lived
1. Seattle, WA
2. Elizabethtown, PA
3. Munich, Germany
4. Provo, UT

4 Guilty Pleasures
1. Napping
2. Shopping (w/0 kids)
3. Reading
4. Candy

4 Favorite Foods
1. Mashed Potatoes
2. Gratefruit w/salt
3. Graham Slam Philies Ice Cream
4. Shock Tarts

4 Websites I visit
1. Google Mail
2. Blogs
3. Steep and Cheap
4. Woot

4 Places I'd rather be right now (I really am happy where I am!)
1. Munich
2. Hawaii!
3. With Kelly
4. On a Cruise

4 Things I would love to know how to do
1. Make bread like my mom
2. Make a website
3. Fix the computer when there's a problem!
4. Play the Guitar

4 Things I worry about
1. Clients
2. Using time wisely
3. Am I forgetting to do something I told someone I would do?
4. What to make for dinner

4 Happy Moments
1. Wedding Day
2. 5:30pm when Kelly gets home
3. When Laynie says "What the?"
4. When the kids give each other hugs and kisses

4 things I want to do this year or in the future
1. Get organized
2. Read more
3. Use the upstairs bathroom (still unfinshed!)
4. Go to Boston

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Craft Show Madness

Months ago I signed up for a craft show thinking I'd sell some signs, no big deal right? Well, later I found out that I chose the week Kelly was out of town, the week of Halloween, the week I taught the RS lesson in church--essentially a week of craziness. However, now that it's over, I am glad I did was a good experience. But I am sure glad I don't do this for a living like some of the people I taked to! What a life!

I did meet lots of nice people, but while I woke up at 7am and drove for 15 minutes to get to the lively function, some people I taked to had to wake up at 4am and drive for 2 hours! No Thanks!

For those of you wondering, I made out all right. I sold about 10 things...not too shabby I guess. But again, I am glad this is not a career...just a fun hobby and creative outlet. Oh, Kelly made me a website-- it's still not exactly how we want it, but it is up and running: feel free to check it out.

Halloween Night!!

Here are our trick-or-treaters! It was a pretty nice night and the kids had a blast...we only had a few catastrophes: Addy took a hard spill onto some lady's rock garden, and then a little later got caught up with a different group going in the opposite direction than our group. It only took one house to figure out he wasn't with us, but that was enough to scare him and when I found him he was crying "You Lost Me!" So, I guess I don't win the best-mom award for that night!

Laynie loved the idea of getting treats, but not of putting them in her bag, she wanted to keep them in her tight little fists...but she does make a cute blue-puppy-thing...

Halloween Preparations!

Addy and I made Halloween cookies one afternoon...Addy's cookies were not hard to pick out from the rest. He went just a little bit over board on the sprinkles...but I should also mention that he ate them too, so whatever makes him happy!

Here is family night before Halloween, that has become out traditional pumpkin carving night. We also started a new tradition this year: Black and Orange dinner! I made black bean soup, orange cornbread (I just added food coloring to my regular recipe), and orange jello. My soup recipe was yummy! Although, it did look way closer to a brown bean soup...sorry to disappoint, it'll be even better next year!

Our friends Chris and Camille joined us for our black and orange dinner and to carve pumpkins. Do you like Addy's blue face? Camille brought spider cupcakes and Addy chose the blue one of course!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Hershey Park in the Dark!

This is the 2nd year that we have taken the kids to "Hershey Park in the Dark." They have a short trick-or-treat area with one of each of the famous Hershey candies, and all the rides are open too! Last year we went in the rain, but this year, as you can see, it was beautiful!

I honestly think Laynie enjoys the rides more than Addy does! (Laynie was an owl...she kept her 'ears' on for about 2 seconds at a time, so finally we gave up.)

Claire and Ayden, and their parents, met us a little later at the park...this is us on the ferris wheel!

And the other side of the ferris wheel...

Finally leaving the park we really get to experience 'Hershey Park in the Dark'! It was a fun day! Thanks to Cindy Rowe Auto Glass for free tickets!! :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Although I'm a little embarassed to admit it, "What The" is Laynie's new favorite thing to say. I think she learned it from Addy, who must have learned it from Kelly... It is pretty funny to hear an almost-2-year old say "what the?" when she enters the room instead of "hi" or something normal, and fortunately, only a few of us can understand it anyway!

Four Years of Fall Fun!





Most of these pictures were taken with Addy's best friends Claire and Ayden who, until last Saturday, lived right through our back yard. The move has been hard on Addy...and me! Claire and Ayden's mom (Miss Tiffany, as Addison calls her) is my best-neighbor friend! Thank goodness that they only moved a 1/2 a mile away! I don't know what Addy would do without his regular Claire-fixes. Thanks Thomas Family for being wonderful neighbors and friends! We miss you already!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mmm Mmm Good...

This is how Laynie eats pudding I guess...seriously, it wouldn't taste as good without making a huge mess!

Monday, October 8, 2007

While Mom is preoccupied...

While attempting what I think will be my last canning effort this year, applesauce, I gladly told the kids "sure you can make 'leaf stew', anything to get you out of the kitchen." I did check on them a few minutes later when they were happily stirring up leaves and dirt in an old pot full of water. Well, a few minutes after I even need to explain? Of course Laynie's diaper became so full of water that it wouldn't even stay on! and of course all the clothes (I mean pajamas) came flying off in the midst of a water fight. Maybe if the east coast were not having a heat wave right now, this wouldn't have even been an option...but our temps have been mid 80s all week and humid! So, can you blame them?

Thursday, October 4, 2007


I meant to post this entry on Monday, Kelly's birthday...but let's just say it was a crazy day, and after the festivities, I had nothing left! So sorry Kelly...this does not mean I love you any less! In fact, I love you the most! I love and appreciate your patience with the kids, and me! I love the way you make me laugh, and I love your optimism and drive for life. Thank you for being a wonderful husband and father--
Happy Birthday!

I love this picture because it looks like all of Kelly's 'friends' are 4 years old! Well, even though he and his friends may act that way at times, really these are all the children of Kelly's friends...really.

And here is Addison being sneaky, trying to steal the gumdrops of which I used the red, orange, and yellow for the inside of the 'campfire' on Kelly's camping cake. He also had a graham cracker tent and icing-covered graham cracker sleeping bags! That's my kind of camping!

Just as a side note, this wasn't the only time throughout the day that Addison was caught. Once I walked into the kitchen to see him squirting icing right from the bag into his mouth. Can anyone say sugar high?

Monday, September 24, 2007

I saw this idea on a website and thought it was so cute, so I used orange vinyl to write "trick or treat" on our door...if anyone else would like a door sticker...just let me know. I'm sure I won't be using orange vinyl for much else!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ward Camp Out

Our second campout in a month! Unbelieveable! and unbelieveable that I'm not so sleep deprived that I can't function anymore! This weekend we went with our ward to Susquehannock State is a beautiful place, but busy this weekend! Laynie had a tough time falling/staying asleep-but as you can see from the picture, it didn't affect her energy in the morning.

Addy got a kick out of holding this turtle found by one of the teenagers there, although I think he liked the turtle a lot more from far away. Turtles were not the only wild life we saw- there were several frogs, a preying mantis, and I swear I heard a turkey in the middle of the night.

This picture was taken on the way home from the camping 10:00 am! Laynie was totally ready for a nap after waking up before 6am, and Addy told me later he "just needed to close his eyes."

Friday, September 21, 2007

Canning Days

Just in case any of you have recently sat back to wonder "what does Annie do with her extra time?" I thought I'd share my most recent time consuming activity: my attempt at food storage. Now, I don't want to deceive anyone, so I will admit that the peaches and apple pie filling are totally left over from last year, so really all I have done this year (week) are the jars of tomatoes and raspberry jam. There are quite a few jars of tomatoes and tomato sauce due to my mother's habit of buying large quantities of produce at the ever famous Pennsylvania produce auctions...Kelly has informed me that "man cannot live on tomatoes alone"--but if it came right down to it, he probably could.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

First Day of School!

I'm not sure who was more excited for school to start, Addison or me...I have to admit that I was counting down the days when my afternoons would be just a little more quiet. Addy has school in the afternoons on Monday Wednesday and Friday, and Laynie and I have nap time!! Actually, I haven't quite made myself take a nap yet, but Friday is looking good!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fall is Here!!

Addison and I raked the first pile of leaves today....the first of hundreds. I'm not really kidding, we have three HUGE oak trees in our yard which, in the summer, provide amazing shade and save us a little money on A/C, but in the fall are work, work, work. Leaves would be one thing, but acorns are another. Our drive way and side yard should be marked as HAZARDOUS AREA! acorns fall at a pretty serious speed, and if one isn't careful, injury is sure to occur. I can't tell you how many innocent neighbor children came to our house last fall and slipped on the acorn blanketed driveway; there were many a tear shed due to acorns! Kelly is determined to create an oak tree birth-control, but until then we'll invest in hard-helmets!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Proof that Laynie is my daughter...

Not that I need proof that Laynie is in fact mine...where else could she get her stubborness and her will to get her way-- but here is just one more evidence that she takes after me: she's eating a lemon, and lovin' it!

Friday, September 7, 2007

A Day at the Park

I decided to be brave and take Addy and Laynie to Hershey Park all by myself! They just opened "The Boardwalk", supposedly America's largest water park...or something like that. The kids had a great time, and it was all I could do to keep one eye on each of them! What ever will I do when there are 3??!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Camping Fun

This Labor Day weekend the family ventured out for our FIRST EVER camping trip! We went to Rickett's Glen, PA. What a Gorgeous place! We hiked for 3 miles and saw 20+ waterfalls! The kids loved our hike, especially Laynie who didn't have to hike at all! There was only one tragedy the whole trip...Addy dropped Lightning McQueen down the last waterfall.

Kelly had to scare away some pesky raccoons during the night...thank goodness for his bravery! He rescued our peanut M&Ms! How would we have gone hiking without them?!