Thursday, October 4, 2007


I meant to post this entry on Monday, Kelly's birthday...but let's just say it was a crazy day, and after the festivities, I had nothing left! So sorry Kelly...this does not mean I love you any less! In fact, I love you the most! I love and appreciate your patience with the kids, and me! I love the way you make me laugh, and I love your optimism and drive for life. Thank you for being a wonderful husband and father--
Happy Birthday!

I love this picture because it looks like all of Kelly's 'friends' are 4 years old! Well, even though he and his friends may act that way at times, really these are all the children of Kelly's friends...really.

And here is Addison being sneaky, trying to steal the gumdrops of which I used the red, orange, and yellow for the inside of the 'campfire' on Kelly's camping cake. He also had a graham cracker tent and icing-covered graham cracker sleeping bags! That's my kind of camping!

Just as a side note, this wasn't the only time throughout the day that Addison was caught. Once I walked into the kitchen to see him squirting icing right from the bag into his mouth. Can anyone say sugar high?


Ditto Family said...

Happy Birthday Kelly! I'm assuming these pictures are taken in your house. I love the red wall color and the wooden dishes cabinet in the back of the picture. So bright and fun!

pasto said...

Dang it, I feel like such a loser because Kelly always remembers my bday and I always forget his...

Anyway, pass on my best wishes to the Kellster. I'll try to catch him on Skype and do it with my own voice.

It's good to see the Dittos are up and running with a blog.

Ditto Family said...

Happy b-day, Bro. I love the picture with you and all your friends.


Tippetts' Times said...

Happy Birthday Kelly! I'm guessing you're around 27 now? Geez, that's so old...You may as well be 30!!!

Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

I, too thought of you on your birthday and have every day since because I didn't call or email or anything. I hope you know despite my laziness that I love you and I think you are a great guy.Tav

Anonymous said...

That pic of Kelly with the cake and all the little friends around was great...I had to laugh. Before I even read Annie's blog about it, I was thinking, "are they sure the right pic is in looks like someone else's b-day." That's great.