Monday, August 13, 2012

Rafting the Clark Fork!!
 Way back in February, the boy scouts had an auction...and our friend Brad auctioned off a rafting trip...and 3 of us cute couples decided we wanted it!! so here we are, redeeming our prized auction item and having the time of our lives!!
 Kelly showing off, off a cliff...
 tough guys...
 right after I jumped off my "cliff" (what was it? 5, maybe 6 feet?)
 Floating the river with some of my favorite ladies!! It was seriously such a fun day!! 
Montana River Photography: Hyside Raft 1 (93)  20120728-IMG_4155 Montana River Photography: Hyside Raft 1 (93)  20120728-IMG_4154

July Highlights...
 We spent a few hours at Green Bluff picking berries and making jam!!
 I bribed the kids when we raspberry picking...$1 per lb they picked!  Hailey earned $1...
 Laynie earned $2...
 and Addison earned $3!!
I seriously LOVE raspberries- just looking at this picture makes me HUNGRY!

The kids were so excited after making a little money picking berries, they decided to try their hand at a lemonade stand...but they sold cherry crystal light instead...they made $11!! and they were thrilled!

Lake Day!
Becca and Jake and Fam came to Spokane for a day on their way to Seattle, we met at Lake Coeur d'Alene to picnic and play!!
 Addison and Jacob spent their time building...
 Hailey, Ella and Laynie were in the water the whole time!
 and Maren ate plenty of sand!

Such a fun day!!

Cousin Time!
 Nate and Cooper stayed at our house for a week to go to Sports Camp with Addison and Laynie- we spent one warm night at the Splash Pad!!

 10 YEARS!!

 10 years ago on July 6th, Kelly and I made the greatest decision of our lives- we got hitched! Hard to believe it's already been 10 years!! To celebrate we left the kiddos with my mom and spent the night in Coeur d'Alene- it was a beautiful weekend!! 
 We had a super yummy dinner at the Wine Cellar- and then walked the board walk to make room for the above dessert!!  Holy Cow! We couldn't finish it!
The big surprise of the night was my new ring!  I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring for years because the gold gave me a rash...Kelly had my diamond put in a new setting and also added some BLING to the sides!  I cried when I opened it, I know so cheesy huh? It was kind of like he was asking me to marry him all over again! (feeling nauseous yet?)  I sure love Kelly Ditto and am SO happy to have spent the last 10 years with him!  Here's to eternity!!

Beat the Heat!!
 Spokane is having a real summer!!  It's been super hot (90 degrees even!!) We have been LOVIN the city pool!

 Then we bought our own "pool" so we can play all day, even while Maren is napping!!
We are loving summer time!!

4th of July!!
 WE LOVE 4th of July!! (Can't you tell by Hailey's face...she's super excited!)
 The treats I attempted this year...ALL found on pinterest!!
 The Jello was a hit :)
Happy 4th!! God Bless America!