Wednesday, June 25, 2008

At least someone's having fun!

We are in the thick of packing and all of the final arrangements for the big move...and the kids have found ways to entertain themselves in the craziness. I felt a little overwhelmed last week, but Saturday we got so much done that I have felt pretty calm this whole week. Kelly's Mom and Brother will be here Sunday and we will start our drive on Monday. It will take 3 WHOLE days to drive to Spokane...I am racking my brain for activities for the kids in the car. If you have any great ideas PLEASE let me know!

These are all the men in the neighborhood trying to move our piano from our house to our neighbors (it obviously didn't make the moving cut). It was quite a task, but they accomplished their you can see, Kelly is so happy to get rid of things, the less to move, the better! this is his motto

And, on a much different note, Laynie has been trying out her potty skills. Am I completely insane to be packing up my house and trying to potty train at the same time??!! Okay, I have to admit, it hasn't been a huge effort on my part, I figure after we move we can really get serious. But I am sure tired of 2-yr-old diapers!! nasty!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beginning of Good-bye

We have 12 days left in Pennsylvania, and I feel a little panicked about saying good-byes. Last night was girls-night out with some of my best friends...Kirsti, Amber, and Jaime. We had a fabulous time talking, laughing, and eating of course! I am so sad to leave such wonderful friends!
So, I thought I would do a little 'ode to my friends'--
Kirsti: Thanks for having an identical life to mine: Social Work degrees, mission, matching pregnancies, same age kids, etc. I have always felt understood and cared about in your presence! Thank you!!
Jaime: Lilly's mom has got it going on! :) Thanks for being SOOO sweet and helping me so much. You were always more than willing to take the kids and that means A LOT to me.
Amber: I couldn't ask for a better friend! I have had so much fun with you whether we were at the pool, on a date night, or spending the day together while the guys were was always great. You are a wonderful listener and true friend.
I will miss you all so much!!

Now, on to a much happier subject: Hailey, after spending the night with the girls out on the town, had a good long drink and slept from 10:30pm to 6:55am! Isn't she awesome!! She has been smiling so much lately and it melts my heart completely!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Dad's Day to a WONDERFUL daddy! Kelly got his blueberry pancakes and breakfast smoothie in bed this morning.

He also got a punch in the face from Hailey...we'll have to explain to her that she is supposed to be NICE to her dad on Father's Day!

Kelly loves being a daddy and he is so good at it!! The kids adore him and I do too! We love you Dad!

Friday, June 13, 2008

What a week!

Where to start...
Last Saturday we signed a contract and sold our house! We feel so blessed that it happened to fast! and in today's market! (that's what everyone keeps saying at least...) The family we sold it to couldn't be nicer and fits all of my imaginary requirements; young kids, likes to garden, etc.
The very next day I had my first major know, uncontrollable sobs and hyperventilating-like breathing. Kelly was good for a hug to make me feel a little better, oh yeah, and I also promptly drowned my sorrows in a rootbeer float...nothing like a little emotional eating :)

Yesterday I dropped the kids off with Mary and headed to a dentist appointment...the dentist had just shot the Novocaine in my cheek when the secretary came in and said I had a call from my sister. Mary was crying and said she had lost her balance and dropped Hailey and she wouldn't stop crying (Hailey, that is). Anyway, after seeing the pediatrician, being pulled over TWICE for "rolling through a stop sign" (different cops thank goodness!), and getting a CT scan for Hailey, it was determined she had a fracture on her skull and we were admitted to the trauma unit of the ER. This sounds worse than it is. She had no sub-cranial bleeding and was functioning normally. So, the doctors asked us to stay a while for "observation."
Well, after sitting in an emergency "room" (actually a section of a room divided with a curtain) for 2+ hours WITHOUT seeing or hearing from any medical-type...I asked to go home because we obviously were not being "observed." Two hours after this request I saw a doctor, and 2 hours after that I was finally on my way home. Wow, what a frustrating experience that was!

Tomorrow is the emergency preparedness fair that I am in charge of- my last hurrah as enrichment counselor before our big move. I have NOT started packing yet, I keep saying Monday will be the day, we'll see. But I did shower for the first time in the up-stairs shower this morning! It was GREAT, and sad to think we won't get to enjoy our new bathroom for very long before saying good-bye! Although if I had my choice, I would say good-bye to a bathroom any day if it meant I didn't have to say good-bye to my friends!! I miss you already!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Oh Baby!

Finally Hailey was awake long enough to take some cute pictures!!


Summer is here with all of its joys...sunny days, warm temps, humidity, thundershowers, etc. When Addy went outside the other day to jump in puddles, Laynie of course had to follow, and in the getting ready process put on her coat, boots, and gloves! I tried to explain that it wasn't cold outside, just rainy...she looked at me like I was crazy...I get that look a lot lately. They sure had fun in the puddles though!

This picture is not supposed to be about me mowing the lawn, but rather show off my very fashionable ring-sling! No, it's not just a wad of material on my chest, Hailey is in there and I love it! My friend Heather makes them and she and I did a little trade (vinyl for ring sling) right after Hailey was born. I like it better than the baby bjorn that we had with the last two...less straps to worry about and way more comfortable!
Hailey is doing great, waking up only once a night for the past few days now! She is so pleasant and happy and we just love her!

And on to the biggest news...we got an offer on our house last night! That means we only had our 'For Sale' sign up for 3 days before we got an offer! I'm sure our beautiful sign (made with vinyl of course) made all the difference :)
We are excited to see what comes of the offer and if we can work with the family...I couldn't have hand-picked a cuter family to buy our house!
We'll keep you posted!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Good-bye litte house...

It is true, Kelly has accepted a job in we are moving. I am excited for our new adventure, but pretty sad too. I wish I could take all of my friends with me when we go. We have the best neighborhood ever, so it will very sad to leave. However, we will be SO much closer to (most all of) our FAMILY!! Yea!!
So, we are trying to sell the house by ourselves for a week or two. We have set up a little blog so everyone can see just how cute it really is :)
Check it out, and forward the link to anyone you know who wants to live in PA!!