Friday, June 6, 2008


Summer is here with all of its joys...sunny days, warm temps, humidity, thundershowers, etc. When Addy went outside the other day to jump in puddles, Laynie of course had to follow, and in the getting ready process put on her coat, boots, and gloves! I tried to explain that it wasn't cold outside, just rainy...she looked at me like I was crazy...I get that look a lot lately. They sure had fun in the puddles though!

This picture is not supposed to be about me mowing the lawn, but rather show off my very fashionable ring-sling! No, it's not just a wad of material on my chest, Hailey is in there and I love it! My friend Heather makes them and she and I did a little trade (vinyl for ring sling) right after Hailey was born. I like it better than the baby bjorn that we had with the last two...less straps to worry about and way more comfortable!
Hailey is doing great, waking up only once a night for the past few days now! She is so pleasant and happy and we just love her!

And on to the biggest news...we got an offer on our house last night! That means we only had our 'For Sale' sign up for 3 days before we got an offer! I'm sure our beautiful sign (made with vinyl of course) made all the difference :)
We are excited to see what comes of the offer and if we can work with the family...I couldn't have hand-picked a cuter family to buy our house!
We'll keep you posted!


Ditto Family said...

Such wonderful news about your house offer! I love the material that your sling is made out of. I've had one in the past but I've never been able to figure out how to use it and feel like the baby was safely snug inside.

By the way, why do you already look so good?

A big happy family said...

That's fabulous news! Keep us posted on how things go.

Amanda said...

How exciting to sell a house so quickly! I always feel like Heavenly Father is definatly telling us it is time when that happens! That is how our house sold 48 hours! So nice to not have to show for months!!! Hope everything works out well!

The Harris Family said...

I have the same fabric for my nursing cover and I love it! Ditto to the coolness of the ring sling. It was a lifesaver for me when Maddie was brand new! That is so neat that you sold your house quickly. Good luck with the move!!!