Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beginning of Good-bye

We have 12 days left in Pennsylvania, and I feel a little panicked about saying good-byes. Last night was girls-night out with some of my best friends...Kirsti, Amber, and Jaime. We had a fabulous time talking, laughing, and eating of course! I am so sad to leave such wonderful friends!
So, I thought I would do a little 'ode to my friends'--
Kirsti: Thanks for having an identical life to mine: Social Work degrees, mission, matching pregnancies, same age kids, etc. I have always felt understood and cared about in your presence! Thank you!!
Jaime: Lilly's mom has got it going on! :) Thanks for being SOOO sweet and helping me so much. You were always more than willing to take the kids and that means A LOT to me.
Amber: I couldn't ask for a better friend! I have had so much fun with you whether we were at the pool, on a date night, or spending the day together while the guys were was always great. You are a wonderful listener and true friend.
I will miss you all so much!!

Now, on to a much happier subject: Hailey, after spending the night with the girls out on the town, had a good long drink and slept from 10:30pm to 6:55am! Isn't she awesome!! She has been smiling so much lately and it melts my heart completely!


paws said...

I had a really hard time uprooting myself when I moved from Utah. I had a great reason to move and was headed to something wonderful, but it was still really hard, so you have my empathy. Of course, I did adjust eventually.

Amy & Greg said...

Oh, Annie. I am sorry that you have to leave your wonderful friends behind. It is hard, isn't it?

I can't believe how much hair Hailey has! Wow!! andrew still doesn't have that much!

Ditto Family said...

I'm so glad you made time to for a girls night out. Those are important! I've been worried about Hailey and glad to see that she is still smiling and EVEN sleeping for the night. That is amazing!!! Probably the best gift a post-pardum moving mom could receive.

Sending lots of love your way!

Campbell Family said...

Um, thanks for making me a little teary. Have I mentioned that I don't want you to go? It was a fun evening and you're a great friend. Thanks for the nice words. You'll definitely be missed!

jaime said...

I'm with Amber... you are such a great friend and will be missed so much. I just ran into Hope today and we agreed we will miss your always sunny personality and wished we possessed more of that ourselves!

I'm here for anything you need this week, but am definitly considering a protest this weekend! :) You with me Amber??