Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Worth Watching...

It's been a long time since I saw a movie that I really loved and was able to appreciate without saying "except for was a good movie." So, I was thrilled last weekend at the end of 'Stardust', a movie Kelly nor I had ever even heard of, when we both LOVED it! For Kelly, something has to blow up or there has to be a good fight scene to make a great movie. For me, the typical girl, I want to see a cute love story and I want to feel like there is something to figure out. Well, there were ALL these things, and more in this movie. The truest test for a move these days is if I will stay awake through the whole thing; it rarely happens and happens even less when I'm pregnant. I was wide awake with this one and I really did love it. Go rent it and let me know what you think!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nice Shiner!!

Laynie, Addy and Daddy had a dance party while I was working Tuesday night...and this is Laynie's token to remember the occasion. When I got home I asked Kelly how his night went and he said "good, oh Laynie fell...on her eye" "Did you put ice on it?" "I tried..." The next morning I found a bag of frozen peas (no longer frozen of course) on Laynie's floor. It's been a long time since Laynie had an injury on her I guess this makes up for all that time!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My amazing Husband...

Kelly has created his own website for his fundraising project and come up with some 'great' incentives for those who donate! Check out his site
AND...Tonight a reporter from the local newspaper is coming to interview him! He'll be famous!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Great Deals!

Anyone who knows me even a little, knows I love great deals!! So, I had to post these pictures of the kids in their Sunday outfits because they were both great deals!! Addy's suit is another garage sale suit...and it is awesome. If it was ever worn I would be surprised!

So, it cost a whole $4, and the tie is one Kelly never wore, so it was free--- Doesn't he look handsome! (okay, he does need a haricut!)

And last week Old Navy was having an additional 50% off of everything that was on clearance! So, although I shouldn't buy anything for Laynie because she has SO many clothes already, I just couldn't resist this kimono-style dress, and the final price was $6!
This was the first time we ever did buns in her hair...she looked darling!

Do you think my kids realize I play dress-up with them just like I was 4-years old playing with my dollies? Pathetic I know, but so much fun!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Not trying to brag or anything...

Don't you love it when people start off a sentence that way-- actually, come to think of it, I probably haven't heard that since about junior high. Anyway, I really am NOT trying to brag, but I thought it should be recorded in history that I won first place at the chili cook off this past weekend. The greatest part is, I didn't have a recipe! I had a marinated pork roast that I thought I should probably use, the only problem was that the marinade was teriyaki...teriyaki chili? It could work I thought. Somone must already have a recipe for something like this...nope. Not on Allrecipes (my favorite recipe site) not even when I googled "teriyaki chili" did I find ANYTHING! So, I made it up...fully expecting that it would be weird and maybe even uneatible...but at least I would fulfil my duty by taking chili to the ward activity. So, you can imagine my surprise when they called my name as the 1st place winner!!
Pineapple Chili
1 teriyaki marinated pork loin
1 medium onion
1 or 2 bell peppers
1 can pineapple tidbits
2 cans crushed tomatoes
1 can tomato sauce
2 cans kidney beans
1 Tbs chili powder
2 tsp. ginger
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup pineapple juice
(Even now as I write this I am guessing on the measurements I used...)
Cook the Pork Loin following instructions on package and cut up into small pieces. Brown onion, peppers, and pineapple together in a little olive oil. Add ginger to the mixture. In large pot combine tomatoes, tomato sauce, kidney beans, and chili powder. When onion and peppers are soft, dump them in with tomatoes. Add pork. Add rest of ingredients and let soup simmer until it's time to eat. (I think my was on low for about 30 minutes...I have no idea if this made a diference or not.) Enjoy! It's very sweet, so even the kids enjoyed it.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Snow Days!

Thanks to my Dad for this great shot of Addison!! He looks so innocent!! Addy was so happy that it finally snowed at our house! At the beginning fo the week the weather man called for 1-4 inches...and it didn't snow at all! Not even a flake! So, yesterday when the weather man said there was a chance of snow, but with no accumulation, it snowed a good 3 inches! Addison made snow angels, played with his friends and finally, his favorite, built a snowman with his Nana.

Addy's snowman, complete with a BYU hat! I think Addy would stay out in the snow forever if we let him- He loves it!!

Laynie loves it eat! Actually, she was really excited to go outside, but didn't last long. 5 minutes or so of cold, and she had had enough.

As always though, she could turn on the charm for the camera!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Update on the Ditto Fam...

I am totally copying this whole "update on the family" from my sister in law, Sara. Thanks Sara!
Kelly always has multiple projects going on. Before Christmas he finshed editing our family movie and his "All Brothers Hike" movie, which was vital to have done before Christmas as it is tradition to watch the movie of their hike when they are all together. He did a great job with both...the ABH movie was especially a hit.
His projects now are 1) the upstairs bathroom...Saturday is a scheduled day to work on that, so we are all looking forward to the progress he will make (pictures to follow) and 2) preparing for his fundraising hike to Mt Raineer in Washington this September. He has committed to raising $3800 for a charity called Big City Mountaineers which takes kids from big cities on a guided hike up a mountain. The program is called Summit For Someone and is an excellent program- if you'd like to donate to Kelly's cause log on to Summit for Someone and find Kelly Ditto under the "donate" option. He will be eternally grateful!!
I am about 25 and a little weeks pregnant. And I feel great!! I did have some pain under my ribs a while ago and thought the baby must just be really high. I mentioned this to my doctor who then replied "Are you sure it's the baby and not gall bladder disease?" WHAT? I don't even know where my gall bladder is, let alone know how to diagnose myself as having gall bladder disease!! But upon further investigation, no I don't think I have gall bladder disease.
My vinyl cutter was super busy right before Christmas, but hasn't been turned on since then! and I am still working for LDS Family Services which always proves to be a fulfilling night, although it's hard to get myself out the door sometimes!!
Is loving preschool still. In fact, on our way home on Monday he looked up at me (we walk to's 1 whole block away) and said "Mom, I really love my school." Yea! I'm so glad he feels that way, because I love that he GOES to school! I take him at 12:45, lay Laynie down at 1:00, and have 2 whole hours to is a beautiful thing. Addy is still obbessed with trains, loves to color and write his letters, and lately Woody has gone with him just about everywhere. He is a very nice brother to Laynie...when he wants to be!

Just when I think she has officially perfected the tantrum, she out does herself again! She is typically a very sweet happy girl, but definitely has her 2-year-old moments. She loves to do anything that Addy is doing and try to be just as big as he is. She LOVES her babies and spends a significant time during her day feeding, loving, and pushing her babies in the stroller. She is so silly and makes us laugh every day!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our trip to Spokane
Thanks to Cindy Rowe Auto Glass for the Southwest Airline vouchers that we were able to use to get to Spokane!! We flew on Christmas Eve, and our trip couldn't have gone more smoothly! We arrived in the afternoon with pleanty of time to attend to last minute deatils before the festivities began!
We didn't take very many pictures though due to the fact that Kelly had the video camera out most of the time!

Laynie and uncle Brent reading took Laynie a few days to figure out which Ditto brother was her daddy...a few times she reached up to one of her uncles thinking it was Kelly and was surprised when she looked into their face to discover it was only a look-a-like of her daddy!
The boys watching something apparently very captivating! Addy and Laynie are lucky to have so many cousins their age! it's so fun when we all get together!

Here's how I spent some of Christmas Day-- snoozing! Hey, it's tough to get on the right time schedule!

Grannie found a place called 'Jump and Bounce' and it was a hit with everyone! Even the 'big kids' had a great time boxing, sticking themselves to the velcro wall, sliding, and acting just like their own children :)