Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our trip to Spokane
Thanks to Cindy Rowe Auto Glass for the Southwest Airline vouchers that we were able to use to get to Spokane!! We flew on Christmas Eve, and our trip couldn't have gone more smoothly! We arrived in the afternoon with pleanty of time to attend to last minute deatils before the festivities began!
We didn't take very many pictures though due to the fact that Kelly had the video camera out most of the time!

Laynie and uncle Brent reading took Laynie a few days to figure out which Ditto brother was her daddy...a few times she reached up to one of her uncles thinking it was Kelly and was surprised when she looked into their face to discover it was only a look-a-like of her daddy!
The boys watching something apparently very captivating! Addy and Laynie are lucky to have so many cousins their age! it's so fun when we all get together!

Here's how I spent some of Christmas Day-- snoozing! Hey, it's tough to get on the right time schedule!

Grannie found a place called 'Jump and Bounce' and it was a hit with everyone! Even the 'big kids' had a great time boxing, sticking themselves to the velcro wall, sliding, and acting just like their own children :)


Ditto Family said...

It sure was fun seeing everyone!!

todd & nicole said...

Looks like such a fun Christmas. Lots of cousins around is always a fun thing.