Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Waiting Game

The kids have been way more patient than I have waiting for our baby to come...but I still get the comments from Laynie each day: "Is that baby going to come today?" My thoughts exactly Laynie!!

p.s. aren't my girls the cutest ever when they are loving each other??! when they are fighting...not so much, but I could just eat this picture up!!

Addison also likes to make remarks on my pregnancy, but usually they have to do with the size of my tummy..."wow mom, your tummy is really big!" Well yes it is thank you. I don't mind his comments as much as the one from the perfect stranger last week on the walk to school when he stuck his head out of the car window and yelled "You're gettin' LARGE woman!" how very perceptive of you- man with no manners.

So here's the last of the belly shots...ANY DAY NOW!! (in fact I thought it was going to be last Saturday because I had contractions for 12 hours...and then they stopped...that was depressing.)

We (I!) can't wait for you to be here!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer at 65

Sorry for the horribly blurry pictures...obviously I need some practice at the action shots, but I had to post these because my kids (plus Jake the next door neighbor) were SO excited with the recent 65 degree weather, that they dawned their swimsuits and jumped on the tramp with the sprinkler on! Seriously guys? 65?

They really tried hard to convince me of how hot they were, and I almost believed them...except when all four little jaws were chattering like crazy after the jumping ended...

Summer's not quite here...but it's on its way!

The girls are so cute camped out in the living room as we awaited new carpet!!! They only had to endure 2 nights of living room sleeping before their new room was all put together- and you would have thought it was Christmas at the our house...the kids were so excited, it was VERY hard to get to sleep!

Addison still had to be in his room the nights of "camping"- Can you believe we found wood floors underneath our carpet?!? It really killed me to carpet over it again, but it was in really rough shape and re-doing wood floors would have taken way more time than we had planned for...so carpet it is :( It is nice carpet though and I think it will grow on me...

And here are some basement-progress pictures. We have had SO much help from our family and friends- THANK YOU!! For all the painting parties and moving furniture around and organizing, etc- YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!

Primed and painted!- coming soon: THE FINAL PRODUCT! Kelly is installing his "media room components" as we speak! (Speaking of feeling like Christmas, he is positively giddy)

Come hang out with us in our new basement soon!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Hailey!!


Hailey turned three last week, although according to her she's been 3 for a LONG time... We love this girl!

She loves to make us laugh! Her favorite thing is crack a joke and have everybody laugh at her! She loves to spell her name and write 'H's' everywhere...she can't wait for preschool next year! She makes up her own songs constantly, and she loves to 'make believe' and will assign parts to whoever is close by...usually she is the princess of the hour and I am the wicked witch or step mother.

After seeing a rainbow cake at Costco, she wanted a rainbow cake too, so here's my best effort...

I even tried the trick of turning the cake batter into different colors...and it worked!!

All the Dittos came to celebrate with Hailey- she was thrilled to open presents!

Her pink "warm-up" suit...(the older kids have really been in to their 'warm-up suits' lately, so now Hailey has one too!)

Sunglasses from Grannie!

Thanks for coming everybody! and Happy Birthday Hailey! We LOVE you!!!!