Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Hailey!!


Hailey turned three last week, although according to her she's been 3 for a LONG time... We love this girl!

She loves to make us laugh! Her favorite thing is crack a joke and have everybody laugh at her! She loves to spell her name and write 'H's' everywhere...she can't wait for preschool next year! She makes up her own songs constantly, and she loves to 'make believe' and will assign parts to whoever is close by...usually she is the princess of the hour and I am the wicked witch or step mother.

After seeing a rainbow cake at Costco, she wanted a rainbow cake too, so here's my best effort...

I even tried the trick of turning the cake batter into different colors...and it worked!!

All the Dittos came to celebrate with Hailey- she was thrilled to open presents!

Her pink "warm-up" suit...(the older kids have really been in to their 'warm-up suits' lately, so now Hailey has one too!)

Sunglasses from Grannie!

Thanks for coming everybody! and Happy Birthday Hailey! We LOVE you!!!!

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Ditto Family said...

I LOVE her dress! Three already??!!! What a cute little girl!