Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend in Seattle! getting there was a little bit of a problem... all went smooth until just before the pass- there had been an over-turned container truck in the pass, so it was closed. We spent 2+ hours in a TINY town called Easton, before we were finally on our way again to Seattle. Saturday morning was an Easter-egg hunt at the park and this blessed meeting with the Bunny himself!

Then we were off to the beach with our picnic lunch, and another bag full of eggs that Nana and Emmy hid for the kids. The day was SO beautiful! a PERFECT day for the beach! There is really NOTHING like a sunny day in Seattle! It was breathtaking!

Laynie posing

Addison posing

The beach hunt was definitely more challenging than the park "hunt"- more rewarding too! Casey and Kelly filled a bunch of the eggs with Papa's left over change! The kids made like $9!!

Addison and Laynie even let Hailey find a few eggs!

And they all played for hours with their fav aunt!

Sunday morning brought clues from the Easter bunny to find the baskets...

And find them they did!

The Easter bunny even left mommy a basket!!...with an IPOD! yahoo!

Photo shoots with Papa are a given whenever we're together!

and a few photo shoots of our own too...

Too many of these? I just can't get enough of my cute kids!

I love this one of them laughing at each other!!

Hailey is sitting on what's left of my lap...

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