Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Rest of March...

I guess March had a few other elements besides a HEAVENLY trip to Mexico...so here are the REST of the happenings-

GREEN breakfast on St. Patty's Day= green waffles & green smoothie! So delicious :)

Oh the wonders of food coloring...

These little beauties I just had to show off. I made these instead of the cake I was supposed to make for the scout auction that Kelly was in charge of. If you have never tried Oreo truffles you are TOTALLY missing out! Mix one package oreos with one package cream cheese and roll them into balls...then dip them in chocolate- AMAZING! These are made with peanut butter oreos and drizzled with peanut butter- yeah, they turned out pretty good. And the price they fetched you ask? $55!! Woo hoo!

The other "event" in March was the re-piping the road right on front of our house = disaster for several days! This is my FRONT YARD people!

But LOTS of entertainment for the children!! They are finally (just now in the middle of April) re-paving the road- so there is an end in sight!

And the basement continues to make progress!! We CAN'T WAIT for our extra rooms! Especially a play room where the kids will want to spend ALL their time!! right?!

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