Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Break!

Nana was nice enough to drive with me and the kids all the way to Utah! We got to meet our newest cousin- Owen!! and we all fell in love with him! He is so sweet and so handsome! We couldn't get enough!

Kisses from Hailey...

Kisses from Laynie...

And tons of love from Addison!

I was able to attend my mission reunion with a lot of the people I served my mission with in Germany. I was THRILLED to see everyone and catch up with them! We chatted, had dinner, had a short testimony meeting, and then all stood together and sang "Called to Serve" auf Deutsch! (in German) I couldn't contain myself at that point and bawled my eyes out!! I was so grateful for the experience of my mission in that moment and the emotion overflowed! (plus pregnancy hormones, PLUS I had woken up at 4:30am!)

We watched general conference together with the family on Saturday and Sunday and had 2 relaxing days at Casey and Katalyn's house in Springville.

Sunday dinner at the kids table was a little wild...it's hard to contain yourself when you just love your cousins so much!

Monday after a nice visit with aunt JoAnn and lunch with Kera, we drove to Logan to stay with Becca and Jake. Cache Valley was SO beautiful and we had a GREAT time just hanging out, visiting dinosaur park, and the zoo! The picture above is me and Hailey at the Logan zoo- yep, I'm pregnant, REALLY pregnant!

Hailey was "so hot" (it was about 50 degrees that day) she just had to take off her long-sleeve!

Playing at the park after the zoo!

And some portraits of the kids by photographer Papa...

Thanks for a great spring break family!!!

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Jared*Anne*Burk*Meg said...

So jealous you are a drive away to Utah! What I would give. You look great! When are you due. I am due June 3rd. Having baby boy #3! Great to catch up!