Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Maren Kelly Ditto was born on June 3 at 4:15pm! She weighed 6lbs, 7oz and was 19.5 inches long...we are SO glad to have her here!!

I was induced at about 9:30am, so even though she took her sweet time to get here, once she decided to come, it was quick!! Kelly and I had just finished our Monopoly Deal game and I told him to tell the dr. I thought she should check me- the dr. came right in and after checking said "It's time to push!" about 5 minutes later, Maren was here!

The happy parents :) She didn't have a name before we saw her- I have always loved the name Maren and Kelly really wanted her middle name to be it was a great combination!

She was very alert the day she was born...since then she's been asleep just about every moment...(I'm not complaining about that!!)

Kelly is having fun practicing his photography skills on Maren!

I went to Maren's first "bath"- the first time I have ever been there while they scrubbed up on of my babes- she was remarkably chill...not like the other three babies who were screaming! Way to go Maren!! let's keep the chill personality forever!!

A visit from the sisters the next day (Addison was hangin with his cousins) They fell in love immediately! Especially Laynie who could hold Maren all day long if we let her!

Tiny toes- the next few shots are my dad's from the 'photo shoot' he did while visiting...Maren was very patient with us.

I LOVE this little girl!!

She's so tiny! Although, she is growing! She had gained 6 oz by her first dr's appointment!! She definitely knows how to eat!

Daddy is in love all over again.

The girls beg to hold her, dress her, change her diaper, etc. They have been great helpers! (although the days they spent in Seattle with Nana and Papa right after Maren was born were pretty great...)

Addison LOVES baby Maren too- he loved the time that he "had Maren all to himself" while the girls were gone.

Thanks to Becca for the C.U.T.E. hat and diaper cover...they make for great pictures :)
Thanks to everyone who has helped with dinners, babysitting, play dates, etc. We have the BEST family and friends ever!!

Are we first time parents?

I included this picture only because after Kelly and I took it, we laughed at ourselves...only first-time parents take pictures of sleeping babies right? Maren has captured our souls! We LOVE YOU little girl!