Saturday, February 2, 2013

Merry Christmas!!
The famous "stair" picture with the WHOLE family!
 The Ditto Family were the first ones awake of course! So we waited on the stairs for everyone else to wake up..(okay, we didn't just WAIT, we did do some waking...)
 and then the excitement began!!  Stockings first of course!!
 Presents were opened one at a time and you MUST be wearing the antlers to be opening a present!!
 Hailey's turn...
 Laynie's turn...
 Addison waiting for a turn...
 Kelly's turn!!!
 After present opening, the BEST breakfast of the whole year!!
 Then art lessons from Nana...

 and Addison practiced kayaking with Clay!
 Played a new game...
 And snacked!!
Really the best part is being together!  We LOVE Christmas!! and We LOVE our family!!

 We kept the Santa Pancake tradition going strong!!
*As a side not, so I don't forget the moment, Christmas Eve morning I was in charge of breakfast.  On Saturday night I realized I didn't have my necessary ingredients, so Dad offered to drive me to the little market early Monday morning.  As promised on Monday morning he woke me up and we headed out- a few minutes into our trip I looked at the clock and said out loud "Wait, what time is it?" Dad checked his phone and said "5:14am" What?? we were supposed to go at 7!! (He had heard mom's alarm that was still set for 5am for work and woke up!) Being that we were already on the road, we ended up driving all the way to Ogden and going to WINCO (my favorite) and then returning home BEFORE 7am!! It was an early morning, but a nice time to spend just dad and really, there was no one else in the store, just the two of us and the checker :)  Thanks for the fun memory dad!!
 With that much whipped creme, how can you NOT love Santa Pancakes?!
 AND we did Christmas tree waffles too!!
The day consisted of playing in the snow, fort building, sledding, Family picture taking, some went snowboarding, and finally- the Christmas Eve program!
 The Angel
 And the sweetest moment when 'the wiseman' asked Mary if he could hld her baby...
 New Jammies!!
 Matching cousins!!
We LOVE Christmas Eve and all of its magic!  Merry Christmas!!

More Christmas Break...
 On Sunday we all dressed in our best Christmas-y outfits and went to a little ward in Eden, Utah- Pickett family members just about doubled the choir!
 There was LOTS of time after church for photo shoots!!  The boys LOVED the office with the GIGANTIC map on the wall.  They talked about where they would go on their missions, and Addison picked...IRAN! Whoa! :)
 Cute cousin girlies all ready for Christmas!
 Laynie and Ella are sporting their new "Brave" dresses made for them by their VERY talented aunt Emmy!! Now they just need a bow and arrow...
 Even Kelly and I had a photo shoot...
 We made some crafts...
 And after Sunday night devotional there were COOKIES!
 Maren was in Heaven!
 The boys took it very seriously!

The hardest part of the day- "Which cookie to eat?!?"

Let Christmas Break Begin!!
 The family braved the LONG trip to UTAH this Christmas time to be with family!! We had the TIME OF OUR LIVES! The first day of our break we went ice skating and sledding...
 Hold on tight daddy!!
 Hanging out with my niece Livvy at HIRES Big H!! Cutest baby + Best Restaurant = Happy Annie!!
 Kelly and Hailey brave the hill!!
 Laynie's Lovin' it!!
 Addison likes to 'off-road it'...
 But Kelly is the craziest of them all!!
Let the Christmas festivities begin!!

7 Years Old!
 Laynie Rosie turned 7 on December 16th! She is an amazing girl! She LOVES school, she can read just about anything!, she is an AWESOME big sister, she has a great sense of fashion :), and is a good friend.
 We had a "friend" party where we decorated headbands AND cupcakes, but on her REAL birthday she wanted to make gingerbread houses with her cousins!
 Laynie's Birthday Masterpiece!
 We LOVE this Pickett family tradition and try to force it on the Ditto family too :)
 Hailey is proud of her house!
 Addison just like to make weird faces at the camera...
 And Maren is THRILLED to eat the candy of everyone's houses!!
Happy Birthday Laynie!!  We Love you and are so glad you are part of our family!!