Saturday, February 2, 2013

7 Years Old!
 Laynie Rosie turned 7 on December 16th! She is an amazing girl! She LOVES school, she can read just about anything!, she is an AWESOME big sister, she has a great sense of fashion :), and is a good friend.
 We had a "friend" party where we decorated headbands AND cupcakes, but on her REAL birthday she wanted to make gingerbread houses with her cousins!
 Laynie's Birthday Masterpiece!
 We LOVE this Pickett family tradition and try to force it on the Ditto family too :)
 Hailey is proud of her house!
 Addison just like to make weird faces at the camera...
 And Maren is THRILLED to eat the candy of everyone's houses!!
Happy Birthday Laynie!!  We Love you and are so glad you are part of our family!!


tom said...

nice said...

I could get a huge bulk of joy and amusement while looking at your hilarious photos!) Thanks a million for preserving these cute moments of Christmas time!