Friday, March 18, 2011


This is a perfect picture to start with, since it is some of the first moments of our trip, and since the relaxation symbolized in this lovely palm-tree-hammock contraption was pretty much how our whole trip felt! SO BEAUTIFUL! SO WONDERFUL! SO Hard to come back to real life!!!
So, the trip: the moment we were through customs, we were attacked by the time-share people- Sara had mentioned that a family member had listened to a presentation and got a bunch of free stuff for doing so, so I was interested- AND WE DID! We got massages, tickets to a GREAT dinner/show (more on that later), breakfast, and cash for taxis! It's a pretty sweet deal!

So after that and getting to our sweet and CHEAP hotel, we took off to the city and scoured the flee markets and had a great we are on "Dead man's beach" that night!

The next day, after listening to the time share blah blah blah and securing all of the free items promised, we bore our white Spokane skin on the beach for a while and read- HEAVEN!

Then that night was the free dinner/show- so we took a boat across the Bay of Banderas to a private beach accessible only by boat- Open bar on the the boat, might I add, so we had all the virgin-pina coladas we could drink! :)

When we arrived at the beach we were greeted by the "natives"- ripped guys with their bodies painted, playing the conch shells, and girls wearing as little as possible dancing along... Our dinner was at this very table, right next to the waves- SO GORGEOUS- and the food was delish! Mounds and Mounds of guacamole, so I couldn't have been happier!
The show was awesome! Lots of fire and drums and crazy was a FANTASTIC night, especially because it was FREE :)

Thursday morning we cashed in on our massages- HEAVENLY! Kelly had never had a massage that wasn't "therapeutic" so he thought it was pretty amazing too- and then we were off to the resort where NFIB had booked us- Here's a the view from our balcony- ridiculous. P.S. we never did see a cloud the entire trip, and every day was right around 78-80 degrees...seriously perfect.

We met up with our friends the is rare to find other couples who are below 50+ in Kelly's company gatherings, so we were fast friends with Lyle and Kerissa last year, and so happy to see them again this year!

This dress-up night was the night of all the awards, thus Kelly's cheering pose. I am so proud of Kelly for working so hard towards his goals- and I don't mind reaping the rewards of his heard work either :)

Some of Kelly's fellow NFIB sales reps...from TX, IA, and TN!!

The happy wives.

So, Saturday I was ready for an adventure and we decided upon Yelapa as our destination point!

We convinced our friends the Hopkins to join us and lucky we did- THEY ARE SO FUN! We took a water taxi from Boca de Tomatlan and when we arrived at Yelapa were told to follow a nice little man so we could see the waterfall- sweet!

It was a gorgeous, authentic, little Mexican city and after winding our way down from the waterfall experience, we played on the beach, kayaked, had lunch, and then reluctantly said good-bye to Yelapa.

Of course, we came back to the resort to this sunset, so we can't complain too much huh?

It was awesome to watch the sun slip into the ocean...although that was our last sunset- the next day we packed up and said our good-byes to Mexico- It was a FABULOUS trip!!
And now for your viewing pleasure: Kelly tried his hand at some 'artsy' photos of the landscape.

The view as we came into Yelapa

Another view from Yelapa

And another view from Yelapa


Awesome bird.

(My favorite) view from Yelapa