Thursday, November 15, 2007

How I feel about tags...

I've been tagged by Amber and several others...and I have to admit that I initially thought I would never do a tag...I'm not sure why, I always like reading what others write...I guess I thought they are a little cheesy. But, upon further contemplation, I realized that this little blog is supposed to be my journal, therefore tags are a very appropriate way to record my history/thoughts/interesting facts/ whatever that tag is about! So, I consent, I will post may answers to the tags I've might take me a while though!

4 Jobs I've had
1. Waitress
2. Morning muffin maker at BYU's MOA
3. EFY Counselor
4. Therapist for convicted sex offenders

4 Places I have lived
1. Seattle, WA
2. Elizabethtown, PA
3. Munich, Germany
4. Provo, UT

4 Guilty Pleasures
1. Napping
2. Shopping (w/0 kids)
3. Reading
4. Candy

4 Favorite Foods
1. Mashed Potatoes
2. Gratefruit w/salt
3. Graham Slam Philies Ice Cream
4. Shock Tarts

4 Websites I visit
1. Google Mail
2. Blogs
3. Steep and Cheap
4. Woot

4 Places I'd rather be right now (I really am happy where I am!)
1. Munich
2. Hawaii!
3. With Kelly
4. On a Cruise

4 Things I would love to know how to do
1. Make bread like my mom
2. Make a website
3. Fix the computer when there's a problem!
4. Play the Guitar

4 Things I worry about
1. Clients
2. Using time wisely
3. Am I forgetting to do something I told someone I would do?
4. What to make for dinner

4 Happy Moments
1. Wedding Day
2. 5:30pm when Kelly gets home
3. When Laynie says "What the?"
4. When the kids give each other hugs and kisses

4 things I want to do this year or in the future
1. Get organized
2. Read more
3. Use the upstairs bathroom (still unfinshed!)
4. Go to Boston


Ditto Family said...

Loved learning a bit more about you! Grapefruit AND salt??

Ditto's said...

I'm glad you consented, I loved reading more about you.:)

Campbell Family said...

Thanks Annie! It was fun to read!