Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ward Camp Out

Our second campout in a month! Unbelieveable! and unbelieveable that I'm not so sleep deprived that I can't function anymore! This weekend we went with our ward to Susquehannock State is a beautiful place, but busy this weekend! Laynie had a tough time falling/staying asleep-but as you can see from the picture, it didn't affect her energy in the morning.

Addy got a kick out of holding this turtle found by one of the teenagers there, although I think he liked the turtle a lot more from far away. Turtles were not the only wild life we saw- there were several frogs, a preying mantis, and I swear I heard a turkey in the middle of the night.

This picture was taken on the way home from the camping 10:00 am! Laynie was totally ready for a nap after waking up before 6am, and Addy told me later he "just needed to close his eyes."

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Ditto Family said...

Looks like you guys packed in the fun! I think I better go take a nap!