Friday, September 21, 2007

Canning Days

Just in case any of you have recently sat back to wonder "what does Annie do with her extra time?" I thought I'd share my most recent time consuming activity: my attempt at food storage. Now, I don't want to deceive anyone, so I will admit that the peaches and apple pie filling are totally left over from last year, so really all I have done this year (week) are the jars of tomatoes and raspberry jam. There are quite a few jars of tomatoes and tomato sauce due to my mother's habit of buying large quantities of produce at the ever famous Pennsylvania produce auctions...Kelly has informed me that "man cannot live on tomatoes alone"--but if it came right down to it, he probably could.


Ditto Family said...

Way to go! So are tomatoes hard to do? We have them coming out our ears. As a fellow canner woman this year I know that that pantry represents HOURS of work!

Campbell Family said...

Nice! I'm so impressed! You're the ultimate mom/wife!