Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fall is Here!!

Addison and I raked the first pile of leaves today....the first of hundreds. I'm not really kidding, we have three HUGE oak trees in our yard which, in the summer, provide amazing shade and save us a little money on A/C, but in the fall are work, work, work. Leaves would be one thing, but acorns are another. Our drive way and side yard should be marked as HAZARDOUS AREA! acorns fall at a pretty serious speed, and if one isn't careful, injury is sure to occur. I can't tell you how many innocent neighbor children came to our house last fall and slipped on the acorn blanketed driveway; there were many a tear shed due to acorns! Kelly is determined to create an oak tree birth-control, but until then we'll invest in hard-helmets!


Ditto Family said...

That sound miserable! I'm not much for raking, though. Are Addy and Laynie registered with IKEA's kid's club? Because when they turn three years old they get bike helmets for their birthday.

Maybe you could make a little skirt for the tree that would catch all the acorns and leaves : )

Campbell Family said...

So Cute!
Great blogging, Annie! It's fun to read about what's been going on, because even though we see each other, usually weekly, I didn't know some of the things that you've written about. Fun, fun!

Ditto Family said...

Kelly should have his scouts come over for regular leaf- and acorn-collecting outings. Annie, under the right-hand column of your blog there are pictures of "My Favorite People." Who is that goofball with the lips?


Jaime said...

AHHH (sigh) fall leaves! Today was the first day we pulled out sweaters because there was a slight nip in the air - love it! If only that nip didn't turn into a biting, bitter, aching cold. Love the photos of the Addy-man!