Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4th of July!

I LOVE THIS DAY!!  We did some projects, went swimming, had a BBQ, and watched fireworks downtown! Happy Birthday America!!

Hailey is all smiles when she's holding a cupcake! 

 Oh yeah, the day also included picking cherries...from the neighbor's tree. But, since we haven't seen the neighbor of the abandon house for over a month, when he was here for a few minutes to mow the lawn...I don't feel that bad about it :)
 Couldn't find a bowl? I guess a backpack works too...
 Thanks for bringing sparklers Grannie!! Fireworks are illegal in Spokane, but we are assuming Sparklers are okay!
 Hailey LOVED it!
 And then it was over- such a sad face!
Watched a few fireworks right from our front porch thanks to the Spokane Indians!!
Happy 4th!!


Ditto Family said...

Thanks again so much for the project you worked on the 4th of July. Our kids tried sparklers for the first this year in Oregon too. They were sure a hit!

Rodger said...

I bought cherries tonight at Costco, then remembered I'd signed up to fast for the missionary work in the ward (which I am no am longer a part of). Perhaps sacrifice will create success!! Celebrating the 4th always reminds me of the 4th of July, 1976. It was the 200 year anniversary and I was in Berlin on a mission. We played softball, cooked hotdogs (real ones) and celebrated all day as a zone. It was a good day just about 4 weeks before going home.