Friday, February 25, 2011

It's still Winter...

After a crazy BLUSTERY storm on Wednesday night, we woke up to A FOOT of new snow on Thursday morning...and I heard the cries of joy as Addison discovered it was a snow day! The first snow day of the year!

I still made them do chores, and then some friends came over for a play date, so we didn't go too stir-crazy...but I was so happy (and a little shocked) when Addison and Laynie played outside on the "the hill" together for over an hour! They hiked all the way to the top (that's why my picture is from so far away...and this is WITH the zoom lens...) and explored, etc. Today it's all Laynie can talk about and she can't wait until Addison gets home so they can hike the hill again!

In other news, we have started working on the basement (maybe I should clarify that by "we" I mean Steve, my next door neighbor!) The sounds of sawing and drilling coming from the basement have been music to my ears!! can't wait to have a place the send the kids to play!
Also, my pregnancy "app" says I have 100 days of pregnancy left- wow, that sure seems like a lot- BUT, I only have 10 days left until we leave for Mexico!! That number it much nicer :)


Rodger said...

We had a snow day yesterday, just no snow! Hope you got to see the wedding pics. Will post some of Owen soon. Love you. Dad

Ditto Family said...

Good thing you know all the ticks are frozen for now!

How exciting that the basement is moving forward. It'll be so fun to see the progress when you get back from Mexico.

So excited for your warm bit of heaven!