Friday, February 11, 2011

Tickets Please!

This past week has been fun for the Ditto family...we bought a 'deal' from last Friday- 4 movie tickets, a bottomless popcorn, and 2 large drinks for $12!! We took the whole family to Megamind- and it was a hit! The kids loved it and Kelly and I thought it was hilarious too!

Then on Saturday morning our friends called to say they had 2 extra tickets to a Gonzaga basketball game! It had been a long time since Kelly or I had been to a live a game and it was so exciting! Gonzaga had an awesome student section, and they ALMOST won...but not quite.

Tonight Kelly and I get to go to Legally Blonde the musical!!!!! Notice all my exclamation marks...Kelly wouldn't have put any behind that statement- he is not super excited. But I am!! AND, the tickets were free!! Thank you to the parents of the Sheffields who are in Hawaii- we get their tickets!! I'll let you all know my review :)


Rach said...

Cute! You seriously have the cutest family ever and you always make me excited to be a mom. :-)

Emma said...

I saw Legally Blonde in NY a couple of years ago and for the most part I really enjoyed it! Have fun!

Ditto Family said...

Holy Cow -- all that in one week. That's enough fun for a year.