Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hailey Jean

Hailey, you are almost 2 years old, and you are amazingly cute. We love you too much- and here are some reasons why...

You are SOOO SILLY! You make us laugh every day. The first thing you say every morning is "I want weckwest (breakfast). You can sing the whole 'Super WHY' theme song. You sing all day long. You ask for the COWS song every time we get in the car. Your favorite time of day is when Daddy gets run to his arms every day. You give great kisses. You HAVE to pick your jammies. You make us so happy! WE LOVE YOU!!

1 comment:

Ditto Family said...

I bet Hailey Jean is missing her daddy this week! Love the colors in the top picture. I've witnessed Hailey singing and it IS amazing.