Wednesday, April 28, 2010

True Love!

Congratulations Blayre and Ryan!

Kelly's little sister is engaged! It was quite a dramatic proposal, and we all got to witness it! Ryan invited us all to the "Shock" game (Spokane's indoor football team) and during the 'Tracy Jeweler' ad, he popped the quesion! Check it out for yourself on youtube:

you tube video: Blayre and Ryan get engaged

Sorry this picture is so blurry! We were using the Flip, and it doesn't have a flash! :(

I have had more fun planning with Blayre than I had planing my own wedding! and check out these skirts that the little nieces will be wearing!


It will be a little sea of chiffon and it will be adorable! Watch out for tons of pictures around the middle of June!


Mary said...

Are you making or buying the skirts? If buying can I get a link? I love it.

Amanda Davis said...

LOVE the skirts!!!! It is all so exciting!