Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Day!!
 YAY for school!!  Everyone was excited- but especially mom :)
 Addison started 3rd grade and for the first time ever has a woman for a teacher.  When we read the teacher lists, he was nervous and didn't think he would like a "girl teacher"- but after his first day, he LOVES her! and he told me he wants a girl teacher next year too.

Laynie is in kindergarten, and at our school, it's ALL DAY! Laynie loves it, but it does wear her out. She is excited to learn and loves her teacher!

Hailey also started 2-day preschool, unfortunately Daddy had the camera on his brother's weekend on her first day!  But she's LOVIN school too!

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Ditto Family said...

Such fun new posts! It just reminds me of how much we packed into this summer. Glad the kids are lovin' school.