Saturday, October 1, 2011

Addison is so Awesome!  This weekend he is with Kelly in Utah for General Conference! They got to go the BYU football game and spend time with many loved ones! (more details and pictures of their trip to follow I'm sure!)  Addison had his first cub scout pack meeting this week and earned his bobcat! WooHoo Addison!  I am new at this whole cub-scout thing, but from what I can tell- it's SO GREAT! All the scouts got awards, and everyone there clapped, cheered, and made the boys feel so proud!  Addison was beaming!  He also had a cross country meet this past week and ran an 8-minute mile!  He is happy, full of energy, and LOVIN life!
Laynie is loving school, she loves learning and even loves doing her homework.  She is still Maren's biggest fan and my biggest helper.  My favorite thing Laynie said this week was "I didn't get my card changed to yellow, so that's a phewf."  I guess "phewf" is the noun form of the expression 'phew.'  It was very cute.
Hailey is my happiest child...when her siblings aren't torturing her. She has a wonderful imagination, and often talks to her (imaginary) friend, Olivia.  She follows in Addison's footsteps in making up words.  Her latest word is "Snoggie Doggie." Everyone is Snoogie Doogie lately.  She loves preschool, and loves life!
Maren is the highlight of everyone's day. She is constantly smiling and talking. On Monday she will be 4 months old!!  I can't believe how fast time has gone!  She laughs and makes everyone who looks at her smile.


Ditto Family said...

Great update! Way to go Addy!

Anne Peay said...

so fun! they are darling. can you believe the babies are 4 months. it's going way to fast. i'm pretty sure we are done. so i'm really trying to just enjoy and soak up baby sawyer. i love him so much. all my greater joy than motherhood!

love ya sister,

annie peay

Rodger said...

Wow. You really have beautiful kids. Nice gene pool.