Friday, October 14, 2011

Rite of Passage...
 Kelly should really be doing the blogging on this, sine I wasn't technically there...but if I wait for that, well...I'll just do it :) 
In the Ditto family it is tradition to go to General Conference after you turn 8! so, Kelly and Addison made their way to Salt Lake City for Conference. It just so happened that BYU was playing that Friday night, so the trip was extra fun...especially for Kelly. 
In the above picture, Mary is giving the boys an awesome tour of the athletic training center...
 And here are the boys after the "big win" against Utah State!
 Addison had had a long day!!  Good thing he took extra '#1 foam fingers' for a comfy pillow!
 Saturday was Kelly's birthday!!  They hung out with the family at a special out-to-breakfast, and then hiked Stewart falls!
 And Sunday they got all dressed up and went to the conference center.  They had 3 tickets, so Mimi got to go too!!
 And guess who sat right behind them!!?!  More Dittos!!
 Addison in front of the Salt Lake City Temple- so beautiful!
This picture is a little dark- but still breathtaking.  I love this statue, and more than the statue of course, I love having a testimony of Jesus Christ- he is my Savior and the source of peace in my life. Some day soon I will have Addison add his experience of his 'conference trip'! but for now, I need to blog about the rest of our October so far!!

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Ditto Family said...

What a great trip! Love this tradition!