Thursday, September 8, 2011

Great to be 8! (and 33)

Super great when you get to light your own candles!!  Happy Birthday to Addison!  We're blown away that you are 8 already!!

Thanks for the Dairy Queen ice cream cake babe!  I LOVE THEM!!!
and I L.O.V.E my present!!  The IKEA buffet I have been eyeing! I'm so spoiled!!
So cute right??  Come visit us and you can see it in person :)


Ditto Family said...

LOVE it in person! 8 and 33 look great on you both!

Amy & Greg said...

Annie! Now I know even more why we are friends...the Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake! Yes! My favorite, too! HOw many birthdays I have had with that cake! Yummy! Happy Birthday...very belated! I can't believe that Addison is 8. Yikes!