Sunday, August 7, 2011

 Our Maren is 2 months old! and we are LOVIN her smiley faces!
 Could you just die at this face?
 She weighed in at 9lbs 10oz at her 2 month appt.  She is an amazing sleeper and has already slept 7 or 8 hours at a time...(I think she sleeps so well because at night no one is mauling her and she can finally sleep peacefully) She is pleasant and happy (except when she's in her car seat, she doesn't love that.)
Here is one who might be responsible for some of the mauling...but how could they be expected to keep their hands off her??!?  she is so stinkin cute!!


N. Tipps said...

I love her! She is so sweet. Congratulations again!

Myersville said...

We are in couer de alene thus week and I dont have your number. Give me a call we would love to see you. ps what a sweetheart. Your little girl.carolyn

Ditto Family said...

Little nervous about the drive to the lake?

She is such a doll!

Life At 50 Wold Road said...

she is a doll! love your photo skills! great ones you always take.