Monday, January 24, 2011

Speaking of Accidents...
Hailey has been accident free for like 3 days!!!

And just when I was thinking it was time to give up for a george, I THINK SHE"S GOT IT! (knock on wood) On Saturday we went swimming at the YMCA and Hailey told me TWICE that she had to go...AND SHE DID! It feels like a miracle folks.

NO MORE DIAPERS!!!...well, until June that is :)


The Nielsen's said...

WAHOOO! I can't even fathom that!!!

Polly and Nathan said...

Hey Dittos we miss you..... but apparently you have for gotten about us because our name isn't even on your blog list. Yes I will forgive you but I expect it to see it up there ASAP! I am so excited for the new addition of you family! What a beautiful blessing. And for your car, 5 of my siblings own that exact car and they love it, so here's to the minivan! Yeah!