Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tired Much?
 Did you know that Hailey, more than any of our other children, has been able to fall asleep pretty much anywhere?  Mostly it's at the dinner table...there was a streak about a year ago when she would fall asleep eating at least every other night!
This time though, it was the stairs...oh to be 3 again...

Weekend highlights: Snowboarding (for Kelly)
Friday night temple session
Moneyball (Kelly loved it, I thought it was good)
Saturday morning Organize-the-Laundry-Room-extravaganza
Met the new neighbors...
Movie Night with Blayre and Ryan- Real Steel (I don't really care what the movie is about if Hugh Jackman is in it!)
Sunday morning church...Sunday afternoon nap!

How was your weekend?