Sunday, February 5, 2012

Curly vs. Straight
 Last night the girls (Minus Maren) slept on rollers.  I have fond memories of doing this as a child and remember loving the one who NEVER had any sort of curl to my hair whatsoever, this was a dream come true for a day!  Well, as I pulled the rollers out of Laynie's hair this morning, her reaction was less than ecstatic- in fact, I would have projected her reaction as something to occur if I were to ever SHAVE her head...tears, screaming, threats, pleas, etc.  It wasn't pretty. At last I convinced her to put a few ribbons in and call it good as we needed to leave for church.
 We managed to take a picture right after church before Laynie DUMPED a bucket of water on her head...yes she did.
 Cute and cold....
 You would never guess that just hours before she was a screaming, tearful, disaster.
In the middle of her tantrum, Kelly played counselor and had Laynie do art therapy...the picture above is her rendering of her morning experience..
"This is my example for me" (with the curly hair girl crying and scribbled out)

 In other news, I tried this recipe for soft pretzels...HEAVEN!  It brought me right back to the streets of Germany! The kids loved they will have to become a regular at the table at our house.

Weekend Highlights: Everyone took turns feeling nauseous...Hailey was the only throw-upper though, so that's a plus.
Logan(Kelly's brother) was kind enough to stay late after work on Friday to make Kelly and I teeth-whitening trays, so come the cruise (in exactly 4 weeks!!!) we will have tan bodies and white's hopin :)
Kelly built me shelves in the Laundry room for some major food storage baby!!
And we had an extra-good fast Sunday testimony meeting today...
How was your weekend?


Ditto Family said...

This was hilarious! I bet I slept half of my childhood in pink curlers. I'm real impressed with your results -- seems like Alysee's and Chloe's always fall out during the night so we will have curls and straight hair all intermixed.

Love the art therapy!

We're enjoying Kelly tonight!

Joanne said...

I'm so glad you all enjoyed the pretzels so much!!!

Anne Peay said...

i use to be a dental assistant so i know how to make bleach-trays too. jared and i both have them. jared hates bleaching because it makes your teeth sensetive for a bit afterwords. he's a baby! j/kidding. i need to bleach after i'm done're not suppose to bleach while nursing or prego.

i love the curls. i've been doing meg's in them as well. love that she is getting long enough hair.

storage shelves...for food?! lucky. sounds like a good weekend!

happy lovers day!

annie peay