Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy President's Day!
You will never guess what just happened...I am standing here in the office putting Maren to sleep- and I hear the garbage man. Am I the only one that panics when they hear the sound of the garbage truck?  Every time he comes down the street I think  "Did I remember to put the garbage out??!!" and most often the answer is yes. TODAY HOWEVER, I panicked and then panicked even more because I HAD NOT remembered to put the garbage out! and then the most remarkable thing happened- the Garbage Man was suddenly walking up my driveway, grabbing my can, and emptying it- CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?  I layed Maren down and scoured my house for a treat to give him when he came back down the opposite side of the street...I found some M&M's and wrote him a little thank you- seriously, that just made my day! What a nice guy!!
My Happy Maren is just about crawling. She can get up on her knees and rock back and forth- but then drops to her tummy again and scoots to where she wants to go.  She has been eating everything! She is so happy to be around her siblings- they make her laugh...and sometimes cry :) 

 Speaking of them making people laugh- Here are Addison and Laynie making themselves fat. They think they are so hillarious!  They stuffed their clothes with other clothes (the ones they were supposed to be picking up so I could do laundry) and then laughed and laughed at each other.  After family prayer our song was "we are a fatty fat family."
We had a nice weekend that consisted of a little shopping- Old Navy had some amazing deals!  A new haircut for me- woohoo!  I feel like a new woman!
Kelly's scout auction was Saturday night and it was a huge success- they had some great donations and made over $3000 for the scouts to go to camp this year! Just for the record, my cake pops went for $55 :)  We also bought a big beautiful white chocolate raspberry cake that we shared with friends and family after Sunday dinner!
How was your weekend?

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Mary said...

The garbage man is TOTALLY in love with you! That is the only possible explanation :)