Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Mustaches for Valentines Day!

 This year I tried something new for Valentine Breakfast...gone are the days of pink heart-shaped pancakes, noooo...Let's go for TWICE the fun and flavor (and at least twice the calories) and do heart-shaped cinnamon rolls!!! (once again, thank you pinterest!) Here some pics of the process:
 I rolled the dough from each side towards the middle, cut it, and pinched the bottom to form the heart shape.
 I was a little scared that they wouldn't hold their shape after rising/baking, but...
 THEY DID! and not only did they look great, the tasted SOOOO good! (my mom's recipe, so anyone who has had her cinnamon rolls knows exactly what I'm talking about.)
 And now for some of the more personal Valentine's wishes that were given this morning; one from Laynie:
 (I love you Addison, I thought you would like a Valentine)
Is that heart-melting or what??
And one for me:
Dear mommy, I love you. But I am so sorry I was ignoring you. I promise I will try to do better. But I love you. And you are my favorite person in the world. Please Please Please forgive me thank you.
triple love, (your only son) xoxo Addy

Also melted my heart.
Happy Valentine's Day.