Sunday, September 14, 2008


I do realize that this post is a whole week late...and that is entirely my dad's fault for not getting the pictures to us until now! Okay, maybe not entirely his fault, since we did bring the camera bag to the game, just not the camera (so smart!)
So, Anyway, here we are in Seattle on a GORGEOUS day, cheering on the cougars!!

This is the Spectacular view from Husky stadium overlooking lake Washington and all the boats that find the water traffic much easier to bear than the typical Seattle traffic!

Even Hailey sported some BYU blue and was real excited for the cougs...unfortunately this outfit ws no longer clean come game time, so she cheered wearing pink!

Nana couldn't get enough of little Hailey!


Shanda said...

Yay for BYU!!! How fun that you got to go to an away game!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. And I spy your sling!

Anonymous said...

that was from me, Heather in PA.