Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

The kids with their cousins on Halloween night...side note on Laynie's pink puppy costume; I went to Old Navy the weekend before Halloween b/c they were having $5 costumes...well, when I got there they gave me a "scratch and win" coupon...and I won $5!! (I know, am I really getting that excited about $5? YES! I never win, so I was totally pumped!) So I bought the WHOLE family Halloween T-shirts ($1 each!) and Laynie's costume...and only spent $5!! Whew, I L.O.V.E a good deal!!
Now, this little guy is WAY too awesome to have been bought at a store, as is his brother below. These monsterous creatures were made by my super-talented mother-in-law! They were the PERFECT addition to our Halloween dinner!!
(This one was filled with delicious salsa...I mean monster brains!!)

Our first time to host a party in the new house...and it was a PARTY!

Addy wanted to be Frankenstein this year...a costume that my mom bought almost 2 years ago on after-Halloween-clearance...sweet deal for me!!

Laynie and her loot-- she had trick-or-treating down...the people would give her a piece in her bag, and she would reach for another! She got 2 at every house! But how could you refuse this pink little puppy?

I think Hailey takes the award for the night though...could there be a cuter little froggy? She might be a little upset at me today, cause I let her cry it out last night. It only took about 25 minutes though before she was back to sleep... so it wasn't COMPLETE torture!


Amy said...

25 minutes is nothing! Try 40 minutes of crying during nap time. The kids are cute and we both had little frogs!

Laura said...

Hi Annie!
It looks like you are doing well. The kids are cute and are growing so fast. Say hi to the Pacific NW
for me!

Laura Montgomery

Tiffany said...

HOW FUN!! You know I am proud of your awesome costume deals!! The kids look great. It is so cute to see the familiar frog and frankinstine!

Shanda said...

How fun to have a home!! And looks like you had a spooktacular party!

Jenny said...

Hailey Jean is so cute!