Friday, December 19, 2008

Laynie's 3!!

Could it be that our Lyanie is THREE? Of course her cake had to be PINK, and at the last moment she added that she wanted a CareBear...I did my best.

Birthday Girl! Nana sent her a whole box of fairy princess costumes complete with wands, wings, and fairy slippers. She was disappointed to learn that she still couldn't fly even after putting on her wings!

The fairy princess clan! And I thought I was being a stingy mom for only letting 4 friends come over...Woah, 4 GIRLS is like 10 friends! It was one loud, crazy, noisy, girly party!

But they are pretty cute...

And when the party was over- CRASH! Here is my exhausted fairy princess!
Happy Birthday Laynie! We love you so much!


Ditto Family said...

Happy Birthday Lanie! What cute little fairies--

Amanda said...

Great Cake!!! I don't think I could draw a care bear that good!

Angelica said...

What a cute girl! I'm so excited for Layla to turn three. She is already talking about what kind of party she will have. Miss you guys!